Oomi devices


Have anyone tested Oomi devices? Seems to be just a rebrand of Aeotec really, but not sure if there is done more to the devices than just the branding.

I have the same problem. I tried to include them as Aeotec device and it was included but as basic z-wave and it doesn’t work (no value updates, nothing).
Would be great if somebody could help.

Are you able to share a screen shot of the advance settings of the ‘basic’ device which includes the device ID etc?

Of course :slight_smile: Here you are …

@Jamie is there a chance to get those devices working?

I’ve just had a look at the Aeotec App and it has the following in it

"manufacturerId": 134,
        "productTypeId": [
        "productId": 100,
        "zwaveAllianceProductId": 2714,
        "zwaveAllianceProductDocumentation": "https://Products.Z-WaveAlliance.org/ProductManual/File?folder=&filename=Manuals/2714/Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6 manual.pdf",
        "learnmode": {
          "image": "/drivers/ZW100/assets/learnmode.svg",
          "instruction": {
            "en": "Press the action button on your Multisensor 6. For secure pairing press this button twice.",
            "nl": "Druk op de actie knop op de Multisensor 6. Voor beveiligd koppelen druk tweemaal op deze knop."

Im going to assume based upon the that the Oomi device is a rebranded multi-sensor and from what I can see, it should already work. So while you should be able to get it going it is beyond my skill set. I was hoping that the app was simply missing a ProductID.

manufacturer-id 362 isn’t in the list. I noticed it should also be there, at least for zigbee…

Also for Z-wave

Athom asked : “As a community developer, you are part of a community where we are working towards the common goal of making home automation accessible to everyone. This means we must keep things simple, so ideally there is only one app per brand. We encourage developers to work together by sending Pull Requests to the original author and give credit where due.

I’m guilty too but something to keep in mind…

I am not sure whether you tell me there is a solition or not. Anyway, the sensor doesn’t work :frowning:

I’m guilty too but something to keep in mind…

Any idea how to solve the problem?

No more discussion or help? :disappointed_relieved:

Like we implied :arrow_double_up: you can download the Aeotec-app, edit the app.json (it’s a plain text file) and add the manufacturer-id. The install the app through the CLI…

Ah, OK. I didn’t know about this is possible for everyone till a few days before :slight_smile:


as a NOOB (got my homey today) how do I get the CLI (using windows 10)

I can only find a linux version, and i’m no good with linux


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Did you already tested this solution? I have the same problem here.