MultiSensor 6in1 FT100-C not working

Hé Guys,

i moved all my devices from VeraEdge to Homey, however i can’t seem to be connecting the 6in1 multi sensor (brand less one instead of the official Aeotec one).

Bought it from Aliexpress… is there a way i can change the hardware ID so the Aeotec app will recognize it as a Aeotec multi sensor?

Hope u can help me out.

Found a solution by adding the Manufacturer ID in the JSON files of the Aeotec APP so the device is recognized as a Aeotec device :slight_smile: also i did add a folder with the files of the ZW100 in a folder called ZT100 and ZT100-C. (was not sure wich it would be needing) the i added the APP to my homey and i was able to add the (unsupported) device :slight_smile:

The solution is to select brand name Oomi, which is Manufacturer id=“016a” name=“Fantem (Oomi)”
That should work