Onvis Matter Devices

Good morning Gents,

I recently acquired 2 Matter-Thread Power Sockets S4 to extend my Matter Network to my Zolder. To my surprise, the devices are not seen as “Routers.” In addition, they don’t display the power consumption. Does anyone know why?
I also bought the Onvis 5 Switch Bluetooth and Thread, which you can program for each button in three modes: single click, double click, and long press. I was only able to add that button to Apple Home.
Can anyone shed light on this?

  • Router: I don’t know why it’s not seen as a router, but it’s either because the device isn’t a router, or Homey doesn’t know it is. A device being a router isn’t something that is determined by Homey, so if you’re sure the device should act as a router, it will.
  • Power consumption: that’s part of Matter 1.3, which Homey doesn’t (yet) support.
  • Onvis 5 switch: that seems to be a HomeKit-over-Thread device. Homey only supports Matter-over-Thread.
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Thanks for replying, Onvis matter Thread power sock should act as a router like all smart power sockets, maybe matter 1.3 would fix this.
Is there a way that I can trigger an advance flow via HomeKit? I can only see my basic scripts. If there is a way that I can trigger this via apple home or with a shortcut I can then attach it on the smart button connected to the HomeKit.

This isn’t an issue related to Matter version, Homey apparently just doesn’t know that the device can act as a router. But that’s not a problem, Homey doesn’t need to know.

You can create a virtual device in Homey, export that device to HomeKit using the built-in HomeKit experiment or the HomeKitty app, and use a Home automation to toggle the device whenever something happens. On the Homey side, you can create a flow that triggers on the virtual device state changing.

Thanks for the feedback. That is interesting. So, I need to manually create 15 virtual devices to parse the functions with the button in HomeKit?

It"s not as bad as it sounds. 5 minutes tops


Thanks, @Peter_Kawa. I don’t have virtual devices showing as your screenshot, but I have HomeKitty’s “Flow Starter.” Would that work out, too? How can I have the one you have? Is there a specific app that I need to download?

No apples here :wink:
The virtual button is part of “Power user” experiment, I forgot to mention.
You can enable it here:
Oh, and forget the word ‘experiment’, it works fine in general