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Is this the right place to submit a request for the creation of a new application? If so, I would like someone to develop an application that manages this equipment This application, called Smart Life, is available on the Apple App Store and also allows for the management of air conditioners. I am aware of Tuya (, but I find the setup process to obtain an API key very complicated. Is my request possible?

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So instead of asking help with that app, you’re asking for a new app?

The complicated process is not the fault of the Homey app but the fault of how TuYa’s systems work, so a new app will not miraculously make the process less complicated.

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Smartlife is just a lable of tuya…

And there are already many topics and multiple apps for Search results for 'Tuya order:latest' - Homey Community Forum

Maybe ask Tuya

or switch to a supported brand .

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Thank you, I submitted a request through your link. Do you know another brand that can manage this equipment so that I can download another Homey application?

Yes, what I’m looking for is a new application that is based on the Smart Life app and can retrieve account information to control RGB LED strips and an air conditioner.

That app already exists, and it’s called the TuYa Cloud app.


Yes, I tried it, but I couldn’t get the LED strip to be discovered. Do you think it would be possible with this application and this strip? Perhaps it’s because it’s already associated with the Smart Life app and needs to be dissociated before linking it with Tuya Cloud?

It’s probably possible with that app, yes, you just need to follow all instructions very carefully. Smart Life and TuYa are the same.

Ok, thank you. I will analyze and try to install it with this application.

After analyzing, this application is as complicated as the other one, as it also requires the creation of the API access token. It’s this part that I want to ignore. It would have been simpler if the API access token were available directly in the Smart Life application, as is the case with some other apps. I tried to create the key API access token through the procedure, but it didn’t work. Too bad, I thought it would be easier. I made a purchase for nothing.

But nothing the community can do,
No need to complain here,

Or to put in another way: you bought a cheap device and are not willing to live with the consequences :man_shrugging:t3:


Very unpleasant contempt…
we don’t buy Tuya devices because they are cheap but also because often there are no other availability for the features they offer.
Not everybody is a millionaire either…
Please respect people and their choice. They just would like Homey to support their device (or homey will fail )

Christopher Charpentier

This has nothing to do with any of that. There’s a reason why TuYa devices are cheap: it’s much easier for manufacturers to put a ready-made TuYa chip in their devices instead of having to set up their own infrastructure, and in my experience especially the really cheap devices are of questionable quality (and if we venture into conspiracy theory territory, you could wonder who would benefit from having all those millions devices being connected to cloud servers controlled by a Chinese entity).

I don’t mind people buying TuYa devices at all, I have some myself. But TuYa doesn’t really want other home automation systems to be able to control their devices (why not? who knows, perhaps they just want to be able to collect all your personal data themselves…) and they make it very difficult to do so if you want to persevere. That’s not the fault of Homey, or Home Assistant (which has to deal with the very same situation).

If you want to use TuYa devices with “alternative” systems like Homey, you have to put up with the roadblocks that TuYa puts up before you can do so. It’s not Homey making the process difficult, it’s TuYa themselves. Complaining about it here is useless as nobody can do anything about it.


Not for nothing, dudu, cheer up.

Few users notice the following sections in the 1st post of the Tuya Cloud topic, which states you can use almost any Tuya (based) device with Homey, but not directly as Tuya Cloud app supported device:

When you have any questions , please use the Tuya Cloud topic.
And read / use search function: almost any issue + solutions are available

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