Nothing in Homey works

Hi, why didn’t anything work in Homey. Gets a red triangle on all devices in Homey. It worked perfectly last night but today nothing works. I’ve restarted Homey twice, I’ve got Wi-Fi on and getting into Homey so I can get around but my devices aren’t working, anyone know?

Did you Homey update to firmware 8.0.4 last night perhaps? If so: Something not working after a Homey firmware update? HERE'S THE SOLUTION

(but a PTP is always a good thing to try when your Homey isn’t working properly)

unfortunately, as far as I can see, my Homey is on 8.0.3. I replaced my power cable a few weeks ago. had trouble getting Homey up and running. unfortunately no longer booted up with the original cable.

You mean the actual cable, or the power supply? Because the main issue is the original power supply, not the cable itself.