No alarms sounding but speaker works

I am having trouble with the alarm function.

The only alarm that I had earlier has stopped sounding, even though it triggers the correct events. I have changed nothing with regards to this alarm.

I have tried the following:

Creating a new alarm. (That alarm does not make any noise either and is not connected to any events.)
I have verified that the speaker is working by playing the advanced flow “chuck norris joke of the day”.
I have also successfully played sound using the soundboard app.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is anoyone else experiencing this behavior?

The build in alarm sound gets disabled if you create a flow with the related trigger cards:
For all alarms: any alarm goes off;
For a single alarm: a specific alarm goes off;

And @Pantera_Ruber then probably should add an additional ‘play a sound’ card to the alarm triggered flows, to have both flow and sound.


Thank you for your reply. I went through all my flows.

I do not use the “for any alarm” card anywhere.

However, I do use the card “specific alarm goes off IN 30 MIN” and that card was in there with that setting when the sound worked.

The only thing I can hypothesize is the following. It is indeed the case as you say that the item that triggers 30 min before the alarm goes of. And I further hypothesize that I created this alarm and turned it on before I created the flow with “30 min before trigger”. Then somehow, it still sounded when it went off. I then moved around the dates when the alarm sounded and that still had the desired effect. Then came the hollidays and I turned the alarm off entirely. Now, after the holidays when I turned it on again it applied the “mute if I am in a flow” rule somehow…

However, even with this explanation above this still leaves the following unexplained:

I have tried to create a new alarm that does not get used in any flows, and that still does not make a sound.


Thank you for your reply. I have indeed added some playback. However I do kind of like the sound that is used for the alarm in Homey. It is not available through the soundboard app. One would think that the build in sounds would be available there. Would you happen to know where I could find that sound?

You can use sounds from
Either by playing them by casting to a f.i. chromecast enabled speaker:

Or by downloading them as mp3 to play them with Soundb ank oard on Homey, but they have to be 900kB or less.
Here’s an example of a buzzer mp3 of 60kB

You mean Soundboard?

If you need to play mp3 files larger than 900KB on Homey, you can use

It allowes you to play latger files on homey.
To store files, you can use Universal Media Player, Ftp client, etc. Any app that gives an URL can be used with Music Url Converter.

:crazy_face: yes that’s the word