New layout app store

I like the update for the layout, but what I realy mis is what apps are new in the store.
In the old store I always looked at the new possebilitys for Homey.


My best bet will be that it’s not done yet?

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“wat de boer niet kent, dat vreet die niet” a dutch expression.

its something what isnt familiar, so its on forehand bad.

Its just a few hours online, and already start complaning.
Give it some time, to get used to it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@Rocodamelshekima I’m not seeing a beta sign, but i hope that youre right and IT is nog ready.

Ehh that expression doesn’t make anny sense in this situation. But you live in Holland, do you ever hear of freedom of speeche?

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Ow yes, thats why i also free to make a comment on your post👍

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Have you actually tried the new site/page? Did you try searching for an app? Searching for the exact name of an app doesn’t show a link to the app. The only way now to find an app is use google. And when you get to the app a link to the github sources isn’t available anymore.

You now can choose from a total 25 apps, or you must know of an app and use google to find it.

What did they expect? We would embrace the new look and think it’s progress? Sure maybe it gets better in time, but the site in it’s current state should have never been released.

Most of us are open to changes (I think) , but only if it’s a change for the better, not if it 4 steps back.


No it’s not, it’s online. It offers me to search for apps. If it’s not ready yet, it shouldn’t be online.


This is just stupid. The only way to install an app is with the app store. The new app store does not work. This is just stupid.

As far as I know, when adding a device for which the app is not yet installed, the installation will be done from within the Homey app (seems to still work).
That said, the app store should of course work. Seems only Athom apps can be found at this moment.

I think a lot of complaints (on this subject, but also other) can be prevented by basic communication. There is an announcements part in this forum, the forum is owned by Athom. A simple announcement from them on changes like these would probably prevent a topic or ten being opened on each change.


I very often use the app store website to find apps and their repositories so I can help out people here on the forum. Now I can’t find half of the apps anymore. Even less incentive for me to help out others.

Totally agree with you, it should of course just work. My comment was more for those that did think that apps/devices can only be installed via the app store.

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Try the Homey app - while as the blog article says , the app store gets indexed.

Though I got to say - seems to be working fine for me now.

Still missing the option to just show all apps. To like browse and look for new things …
There are so much brands and sometimes i scroll trough the apps to checkout a product that i never heard of


Well, there is still a lot of work to do. Besides a way to just browse trough the apps, the current apps still haven’t fully been indexed yet.

Searching for Fibaro (which is in the populair section) doesn’t find anything. Searching for ‘klik’ doesn’t find anything, searching for klika, it finds the 2 apps. But ‘klik a’ doesn’t find anything. How should a user know what to search for? There must be smarter ways to work with this.

+1 for newest apps, it used to be my first go to overview in the app store. Can’t do without it so please bring it back.


Need to confess that w/ the new layout Athom finally entered the 21st century of UI. Congrats.
Really like the look and feel. Though it’s not yet working flawless and too much a intransparent and tooooo much useless „Google on-Site search“ when showing the results - I hope they’ll cut it down very narrow to the very basics and not try to cover all at once (it may fail, believe me!!)

I often use the github link to see how an app is working and sometimes tweak it, since the link is no longer there this will be a problem.

I just filled out a feature request for adding this back, in case you agree please do the same:

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There is no need to ask for support, as it is done on purpose, from the blogpost:

Open source
Apps can now be open source, but don’t have to anymore. When you want to share the source, add a source property in your app.json .

So it is up to the developer to add the source to its app.json
And became opt-in, instead of (a difficult) opt-out

IMHO it should’ve been the other way around, your app source will be published unless you add an optional “show_source : false” to app.json