Nice new "old" app features

New developments are great, but this one’s not exactly new

The app by @HarriedeGroot (for 4+ years):

Latest new feature of Homey mobile app v7.2


Im not sure of the point of this thread @Peter_Kawa is there a question, or did you make a post just to complain because you saw a similar feature in an app?

If your going to join the early access, you will be exposed to things which are a work in progress, some of the feature or even features which never get released.

Probably Peter is pointing out how great job 4 years ago @HarriedeGroot did :slight_smile: Nothing more.


Sorry, Jamie, but how come you to the conclusion I am complaining?
And about what exactly?

Read the 1st four words again I would suggest :relieved:

In our country (NL) it means I am complimenting both Athom and Harrie.
With a side note about Athom being a bit naughty by almost copying Harrie’s app, and keep quiet about it.

Well, Sharkys got it, so it is not me

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Harrie did a great job, I believe Athom even sent him a cake for the idea which was originally created as an energy monitor.

The new lights section seems to be more functional for me with the zone based dimmers.

It’s also feel vindicated because the way the light group are updated seems to have the same lag that the group app does.

Still hoping there is a way to choose what is considered a “light” for its purpose though. If they can do that and add blinds then perhaps we will no longer need the group app!

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I saw it before on my homewizard. Ten years ago. But also like the idea

@Peter_Kawa what is AATP ?

Athom Alpha Tester Program, restricted only to devs with certain amount of min. app. user installation, also subject of NDA, if I’m not mistaken.

Correct @Sharkys but in this case that ‘warning’ there is an app design bug (they forgot to remove it)

I’m just your average Homey user, and I just downloaded the app from the google app store :upside_down_face: