Mqtt cliënt does not wrok anymore

Last night was an update. Since then all my flows stopped working.
In the log i see a message like this.

Error occured: Error: Could not trigger Flow card with id “eventMQTT”: Invalid value for token message. Expected undefined but got string

Anyone with a tip out there.

Of what?

Homey system

No system update @ the white ball Homey very recently…

Which version was installed?
Click here and look for “homeyVersion”

I expect the Tip will be do not run Experimental firmware on crucial systems,

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Its 7.3.0 rc6 ingoten a message it was update last night

Oki. Well, for me it is a reason why I disabled all auto updates.
And like Geurt says, disable experimental firmware > click.

Mqtt client, -broker and -hub work fine here on v7.3.0-rc6
For now, I suggest you restart your Homey
Click here and scroll all the way down.

If that doesn’t make a difference, pull the plug for say 30mins.

If nothing helps, and you have disabled the experimental updates, perform a recovery procedure,
And perform a recent backup restore

that way the live firmware v7.2.1 gets loaded again.
Please select “keep all my data” if asked.

Use Firefox browser or phone app:

Niks heeft geholpen. Ik krijg hem niet terug naar de normale versie(ipv experimenteel).
Heb hem een half uur uit gehad. Krijg nog steeds de volgende melding.

Error: Could not trigger Flow card with id “eventMQTT”: Invalid value for token message. Expected undefined but got string

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate and help you.

Guess it is not possible to revert to a earlier firmware except by performing a Reset.
After a Reset it is possible to restore a older backup with lower or same Firmware,
So do not restore the firmware that is already RC but also disable Experimental and/or Automatic updates direct after restoring the backup.

You’re absolutely right, Geurt. I just forgot a backup restore is involved :grimacing:

I did some testing Peet, I have the same issue.
It was also mentioned at the Slack channel, Athom’s Jeroen said he found the culprit “I’ve found the issue. Its actually in SDKV3 and not the core”.
No one knows when a fix is going to be published though.

Sorry for a missing part in my recovery explanation. Geurt is right, you’ll have to perform a complete backup restore procedure for Homey to run the live firmware v7.2.1 again.
And again, if you don’t disable the experimental updates prior to it, it probably won’t work as expected

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OK thank you for replying. There is nothing i can do about it for now.
A bit disappointed in homey.

Homey is also disappointed in you.

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I’m still curious why on earth you enabled “experimental updates”?
You have to do that yourself, and the setting is pretty hidden.
And after that, also not disabling auto-updates is what puzzles me.
And then write: I’m a bit dissapointed on Homey.

If you didn’t alter the default settings, this topic didn’t exist.

Hi Peter,

I have one of the frist homey’s (2016). In the beginning it was not zo difficult to get it in that mode and later on i never got it out. I even didn’t know it was still in that mode. Everything was working fine. And then I started to use mqtt it worked fine until yesterday.
So I am dissapointed in myself that I didn’t notice it and a bit in homey, even if it is experimental you don’t have to break wat is good.
I think I will do a factory reset and start with a fresh start with my friend . :grinning:

Ah I see.
I use an Early2019 for 1,5 years now. I installed almost every released RC firmware, for me they had no breaking changes, just some minor stuff every once in a while.
With the knowledge I can always return to the live firmware, I take the ‘risk’ something breaks.

But this issue is something else.

Good luck with the reset of “Der Kügel”!

Well, that was pretty quick, there’s a fix.
Installing it atm

It works again :grinning:

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