Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Missing droptoken in all flows

anyone was able to get over this error, when you restored fresh backup from HP2019 ?
Yes, I informed also Athom…but as they never answer for early , I hope for some community help…

This is what I get when I try to launch, edit, save ANY flow…


Have the same in the Web-App. Reported to Athom some days ago. Waiting.

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Same as well than you. I repaired all my flow manualy…

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No way, more then 800 flows…never, will rather sell it :slight_smile:

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How you repaired the Flows? Have this only on Web-App, iOS no errors. Only other things on iOS.

I replaced every card by the same card and save it, after no more error. Error wasn’t happening on advance flow only on basic one.

Interesting, it’s possible to re-save flows from mobile and then it works…

FYI: Emile is currently pursuing this issue.


I’ve got the same. You can edit them in the app but they are stil not right.

for example, if you open a specific app and you look in which flows something from that app is used, you will not see anything. The same for devices. the ‘broken’ parts are not shown with the related device. if you fix these (I did too) you can edit them again in the web interface and they will appear in the apps and devices again.

@martijnpoppen , may I ask you for suggestion, do you think some WebApi script, which will just re-save all flows, would help, if re-save from mobile apps works ? Just asking because you already did magic with WebApi, eg. [HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Tool to FIX (advanced) flows after removing and re-adding devices :wink:


@Sharkys might be possible. But currently there are issues with that script

Also it requires some extra features i guess

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I was wondering, why it doesn’t for me anymore :wink: A pity with switching to HP2023…

For what I see, it is more complex than that.
Re-saving is possible in the app but does not fix the complete ‘issue’.

Only when replacing the flow / problem in the flow, the flow is added to the list of flows related to a device and related to an app. I think that there is a connection between this behavior.

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A fix is currently being deployed for the web app and you should not longer see these validation errors.


I confirm that the error disappeared.