How to Save Advanced Flows because save does not work

Updated and saved an Advanced Flow to this

After Saving - go an look at Devices and return and it reverts to pre saved state.

Apart from pressing save and watching it save it what else is required to force a Save to actually occur?

Finally got Save to work - delete any Cards you edited. Re add the Cards and set the correct times. then Save.

So Save does not save changes unless you delete and re-add the card. Good to know.

But does explain why I have been caught so many times thinking I had saved it and it reported it had been saved only to find the changes were not actually saved.

I thought I was have a stroke or memory lapses.

it is just homey being flakey. What a relief :slight_smile:

I’m afraid it’s your browser cache, or session time or the like. It is a pain there’s no warning or anything.
With Firefox browser, Alt+Shift+R empties the cache and reloads the page from zero (UNSAVED CHANGES ARE LOST). Then all’s OK again.
I made a habit of reloading the page before big edits, or when I left the laptop for x hours.

Sorry not really understanding this.

If I just update text/times etc in a card and press Save the Save does not work despite the Save Button changing state to indicate the Save had been successful - the Save does not occur because of a Browser Cache issue?

But if you delete the card you want to edit and re add the card then update the text then Save really does work because the Browser Cache issue does not manifest itself.

If using a browser is an unreliable way of editing an Advanced Flow then I will have to use the Homey App, no wait the Advanced Flow ONLY works on unreliable browsers.

I am sorry and I really appreciate your input but the Advanced Flow needs fixing here not the Browser, not unless Homey are developing their own Browser and supplying it to users so Advanced Flow works.

I really hope Atom get this fixed because the Homey reputation is suffering here.

Along with the Atom Hue App that gobbles memory until it hits 80mb of Ram makes Homey unreliable and eventually crashes.

The advice is to restart the Atom Hue App daily so it never gets more than 35mb of Ram usage, if only the Restart App Flow would work it would be great so I am having to restart Atom Hue App manually every day to stop Homey from crashing.

I believe The Homey is the best Home Automation Hubs have used, and constantly disappointed by it because using Apps of Athom’s own making are crashing it and when you edit a Flow it may or may not Save it when it reports it saved it.

These things should be ironed out in Beta testing not in production systems.

Correction - it takes 9 hours for the Atom Hue app to reach 43mb of RAM - looks like I need to restart it every 6 hours.

Maybe you should consider the Chrome browser. Neven seen this problem with that browser.
I restart my Homey during the night once, and never had any issues with RAM or crashing of a app or even the Homey. Once in a while only one app needs a restart within my Homey app.

I will try using Chrome but it really does not explain why a Save button shows saved and does not save, why would a browser be written to do that ?

Plain weird.

The good news about the crashes is that between myself and homey support we have identified the Atom Hue App is the cause of the Homey crashes so the Athom Hue App restarts is making Homey 1000% more reliable it is still.

No one is able to give me any indication of a any configuration relating to the Athom Hue App that could account for the abhorrent behaviour, as far as I am aware there is no config, so go figure it affects one person but not another - will require the App developer to determine why an Athom App is making Athom Homey unreliable.

Sorry, can’t help you when you even won’t consider to see if your issues occur with an empty cache.
What you do by deleting and re-adding a card, is sort of similar in a way.

We all know the issue you entered text in a web form for 75 minutes, and when you press ‘save’, it says ‘Sorry, something went wrong’ and everything is lost.
I think your issues are related.
Homey is lacking many (clear) error messages unfortunately.

I agree this should not happen or occur in the first place, and I’m curious how Athom could fix this.

Do you have any response from Athom in the meantime?


I have acknowledged it could be an issue with the browser cache, hence the statement below, which I think you missed.

There was no delay between editing and pressing save it was was all one fluid action.

If there is nothing that Athom can do about showing it as saved but not saving it then obviously a web interface is a poor choice and should be implemented in the iOS/android App so when Save is selected there is a fighting chance that when it shows as saved it is well saved.

Before raising with support I was investigating if this is a config issue, an isolated issue or if there was some blindingly obvious solution such you have to press save and hold it for to work….

But I will across to Chrome and follow your outline Save process to ensure Save well Saves.