Advanced Flow - how to make Saves Permanent?

Hi, newish to Homey very new to Advanced Flow.

Having an issue with an Advanced Flow.

I save it and it appears to have saved

Then when I come back later it changes to this.

Is there something else I need to do to have Homey use the saved version?

No, it just looks like a long open browser Session doesn’t error if the connection with Homey fails.

I have seen it once before.

Please retry after a refresh in the browser.

Btw i see in second screenshot a card unavailable.
You can’t save if you have errors in the flow. Please fix them first.
It could be that the app for that card was stopped or you removed that device.

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HI the error was removed before the save.

The Save was confirmed without the error.

The error came back AFTER the save

I have just rebuilt the Advanced Flow as despite reporting it was saved it obviously was having a problem actually saving

Actually Homey is constantly dropping offline.

I have now moved Homey close to the Unify Dream Machine and it has not improved.

Homey is on a 2.4Ghz Wifi with no paired 5Ghz wifi.

I have 4 Unify APs around this small house, usually joke the wifi is good enough to fry an egg on it :slight_smile:

It has a fixed IP address.

Have no other issues with wifi devices elsewhere in the house.

The only thing I can think off is that Homey does not like sitting on the IOT vlan along with all the other IOT devices.

Moved it onto an Apple iPad Charger plug so should be getting good power.

As I move more an more things onto Homey it is becoming more critical that Homey is stable on the network and not dropping 30-40 times an hour.

Ah, seems like a “too modern wifi setup for Homey” issue.
Try this:

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