Homey Offline - Cannot edit advanced flows

For unknown reason I cannot edit my advanced flows anymore since some days. When logged in, the website says my Homey is offline.

My homey (hp2019) is powered on, and operational. I even can connect to it outside my network from 4G network, turn on/off devices, edit normal flows.

On https://status.homey.app/ everything is operational.

This week I added a RFC1918 local IP subnet to my router and a policy route (also for local ip subnets); I don’t think this has any impact on the homey.

Any idea where I have to search for the cause? Does Homey have some diagnostics in it saying it can or cannot build a connection with Athom’s servers in the cloud?

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So you added a local IP subnet (not sure what that means…) and it stopped working?

When you open your browser’s development console and (re-)load https://my.homey.app, are there any errors appearing? If so, what do they say?

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your quick reaction. I don’t say that after adding the local subnet, Homey stopped working. I’m trying to find a cause by examining what has changed. But I haven’t found any troubleshooting mechanisms in Homey explaining why it cannot connect to Athom’s cloud.

https://my.homey.app gives the error Homey is offline, please check your network connection and retry.

Additional: When i go to to the developer tools site, I can access my Homey and for example I can see my Z-wave status (which is realtime I hope).

You need to check your browser’s developer/javascript console.

Oh, this sounds stupid. But maybe my brainfart will help others… Here comes human error #99:

I installed an browser addon which automatically deletes cookies and cache. A side effect is that by deleting cookies, it also deletes my preferred Homey device.

I have a HP2016 and a HP2019. Without the cookie, the site tries the first device which is my (offline) HP2016, but there is nothing on the site that mentions which device it connects to or which device is offline. Only when you click on your account image at the top right , you can see which device it connects to.

So, problem solved by selecting the correct device at the account button