MQTT Client issue

I have been using Mqtt Client by Menno van Grinsven for a long time, at the moment i´m using latest version v2.2.2 - 25.02.19.
A few days ago Homey stopped sending messages. I can see that i tries to send but nothing been sent to the broker.

The broker is working fine from other systems so I don´t think the problem is there.

When i look in the logfile in the app on Homey it shows MQTT Closed and Broker State Disconnected every second.

I have tried to update the username and password, change the Client ID.
Restart the App
Restart Homey
But nothing works.
I have many flows depending on mqtt so this is a big problem for at least me.
Is there anyone that have seen this before or know how to solve it, please respond.

regards Peter