Module that disconnects

Hello, I just bought some Aqara Door/Window Opening Sensors. They paired well with Homey 2023, and the contacts worked perfectly. However, after 3 hours, the module stopped functioning. I had to delete it and reinstall it. Can you tell me if these modules are reliable? Some people claim that the module also disconnects from their smart home hub.

Alright, in the end, I had ordered 5 modules. I’m returning them because the Zigbee experience is a disaster. After just an hour, they disconnected again. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been using Z-Wave for over 6 years, and this has never happened. I saw on the forum that there are many problems with Zigbee, and it needs to be paired with routers. I have an Ikea bulb that should have acted as a router, but it didn’t. I don’t understand this system because Z-Wave communicates very well with the Homey hub. Now I understand better why an Aqara module costs 16 euros and a Z-Wave Figaro module costs 55 euros. Anyway, I will never buy Zigbee again; it has really put me off. Honestly, apart from Z-Wave, I don’t know if there’s another protocol that is as reliable.

Zigbee is perfectly reliable, I never have issues with it (with 37 Aqara devices on a total of about 80). Then again, I don’t use Homey’s Zigbee…

I haven’t used Zigbee, but rather the Aqara application, and it has been a disaster. What’s the point of having modules that need to be uninstalled and reinstalled every hour? I think you’re lucky or you’ve connected many modules to the power, acting as routers. After my research on the forum, several people have encountered the same issue as me. Anyway, the operation of this network is more than unstable compared to Z-Wave, in my opinion. With Z-Wave, you plug it in, and it works all the time, even when the module is in sleep mode.

How Zigbee works in Homey: Homey’s core handles all the low-level Zigbee stuff. When it sees there’s an app that can handle certain device messages, it will forward those messages to the app.

Devices getting disconnected or going silent is an issue with Homey’s core, not the apps that just handle the messages.

I’m not lucky, it just seems like Homey is the only home automation platform that has an exceptional amount of issues with Zigbee.

That’s how you build a proper Zigbee network.

Your opinion is based on how Homey deals with Zigbee. Other Zigbee implementations are rock solid and it’s no wonder that more and more people are moving away from Homey’s Zigbee to those other implementations.