[Modding] Homey Pro (Model Early 201x) Antenna modification

Open Range
Homey Zigbee and Wlan antenna mod.

The range is 40% better. :+1:



  1. RP-SMA Wlan under the cooler
  2. RP-SMA Zigbee

Thats it!

To open Homey read this:
enter at your own risk!


Cool idea playing with improving it…

How was that measured?

Homey further away from the Fritzbox 7590 router until connection is broken off.

Zigbee the same with Osram Lightify Surface Light.

If you open Homey, you are no longer guaranteed!

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Looks like a Starwars droid now :laughing:

That looks very easy and smart.
I’m looking for a better Zigbee network but nearby are allready some light bulbs so should the mesh function not making it better?

I can not answer that. Zigbee is a bitch.

Supercool pimped Homey :+1:

Haha let pray for V2.1 with the Zigbee update!

If hard wiring antennas into the homey fixes the issue, it might not be (only) a software issue.

How long is that any way, a year?

No risk, no fun. I do not want anyone breaking Homey by doing that.

Why not add all the details?
Experiences from the disassembly, how you attached the attennas (necessary to remove components, welding needed, etc), problems met during the process of after?)

That would make your project far more interesting :wink:

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As per the first post, he followed the steps described by Johan on his website. That’s the hardest and most riskier part of the whole shebang in my opinion.
Then the easier part, drilled two holes into the dome and fixed the RP-SMA connectors then plugged the u.fl female into the existing u.fl male connectors on the PCB.

I’ve bought a 900MHz antenna kit and plan to have that on z-wave as well as a 2.4GHz for Zigbee.
I will create a step by step guide.

Nicely done @Undertaker

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Ok Still, adding experiences from the procedure would be helpful :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your guide :slight_smile:

Would prefer a solution that didn’t scar Homey with antennas - something like adding a plug in the buttom to make it possible to wire ones way to a set of antennas on the wall or alike… Ideally, with the internal antennas in place and them some switch making it possible to change between internal or external antennas :slight_smile:

Same here. My plan is to try drill the two holes into the bottom part of the dome close to the power and speaker jack, then have a longer SMA to SMA cables which run parallel with the power supply cable, so the antennas are far and hidden. But maybe initially I’ll be mounting the antennas straight into Homey. Easy to add the extension cables later on.

Be aware that at some point, having a long piece of cable between the “motherboard” and the antenna will cause worse wireless performance due to signal loss inside the cable and possible outside interference.

True! Hence, I plan to invest in a good low loss cable like this one here: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/41304?PPC=Y&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzbTC5fGP3gIVwSMrCh3apAhdEAYYASABEgIEn_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

The version with 4 antennas is in preparation. I’m still waiting for the parts.
I want it to look like russian sputnik satellite. Maybe I still paint Homey.

Yes, my wife also says I am disturbed.