Z-wave mesh and the antenna mod

Hi all modders,

So i went ahead and did the antenna mod.
Because after transitioning to Homey, my z-wave network has been the most unreliable it’s ever been.

The mesh was all over the place, routing back and forth throug the house and dropping out. The danalock v3 worked 20% of the time, and the lights(mostly Fibaro), when they worked had long delays.
ZigBee was actually better xD

The house is 180sqm. 2 story wood frame.

Homey support could not help. They ended up saying the Fibaro app might have some issues, but nothing they could point their finger on.

After the mod, and healing every node in the developer tools, only a few nodes required a hop before contact with Homey. The rest had direct contact. I was super happy! I walked around the house trying out different lights and flows. All worked, and really great response times. Even the Danalock got a direct link an was working, and that is like 4 meters and a wall between.

This worked without a hitch for two days…
Then… some lights are starting to get delays again, and the danalock was beginning to get time out errors.

I checked the z-wave mesh again and god dammit… It was forming a new routing hell! At least for some nodes. The Danalock had 4 hops before reaching Homey.
After healing the affected nodes, all was fine again.

Anyone else had or have similar issues?
Will i forever have to heal my nodes every two days?

So, why does this need a separate topic?
As you already asked this question in the appropriate topic, with an answer to your question.

I thought i would reach more people here than only the antenna mod thread as this possibly could be an other issue.

But thanks for your help :wink: