Am i right to quit?

Others have tackled some of your issues, and I can help you with a couple more, but wow thats a long list.

Athom have said that they will be releasing a version of the app - for tablet, in the future.

Do you mean old version 1 or the new version 2

You can group blinds which are not ‘turn on’ - try using the groups app and adding them as window coverings.

Sorry what do you mean by graphics the app doesn’t but do you mean in or which shows a break down of you devices?

Not everyone is running version 2, and as such the ‘out of date’ apps such as homeydash - are not out of date for them

I too find this annoying, as do many others, Athom have never acknowledged this pretty annoying issue. 66% of the screen is useless.

Its possible to add antennas Homey Pro Antenna modification - #17 by danone

You can use the group app, create a group with one item to change the icon.

But as I said, given all your problems, I think it is something that you need to give serious thought to.

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