Am i right to quit?


So i am an Eedomus+ users

I have the homey since about a week now, i was attracted by the integration of so much protocols and the nice looking interface

Now i am about to give my Homey back , but i want to make sure that i have valid reasons, what are your thoughts? am i wrong??

  1. Mobile app can not go into horizontal mode, so no tablet mode /usage
  2. The unofficial browser site homeydash is far from stable
  3. Integrating blinds (Klikaank… ASUN-650) creates icons that are not clickable on the browser homeydash
  4. Integrating blinds (Klikaank… ASUN-650) creates icons that one can’t bundle in groups /blinds as they are not “turn on” devices"
  5. Temperature meters (oregon) can not be shown as graphics in any of the interfaces
  6. Rain meters (oregon) can not be show as graphics in one of the main interfaces
  7. Old not working unsupported apps still in the catalog (like oregon, homeydash app) are not cleaned up from the apps list. Some apps like RFXcom are allowed in the app list without any clear handbook or even a short description.
  8. Mobile app interface first page not customisable, only a minor part of the screen is used for the favorites, most of the screen is used up by the timeline. This makes having a direct single click on one of my devices often not possible, i need to go to the “devices” menu
  9. No interface to add USB controlers, like APC inverters, antennas, etc…
  10. For a box that exist since that long, the rythm of athom developped apps is clearly too slow and allow lower quality third party apps don’t ensure the same stabiliy
  11. Mobile app timeline entries only high level customisable, no way to chose precisely which message appear. I have enough of seing that i woke up or came home which is sytematically false by the way
  12. no Integration in imperihome, which could have solved some of my interface concerns
  13. no customisable icons, all my lamps have weird plug icons…
  14. on the mobile app, devices, the temperature (wireless weather) is not shown on the tiles, you have to open the tile to get the temperature info, thats not so user friendly

Overall i must say the lame mobile app and browser interfaces are my biggest problem, i just don’t have a good single overview to command my devices

Positive stuff:
A great integration of nuki, works absolutely better than on any other box
A potential integration of Arlo
Native Wifi integration
smartpresence app sounds very cool

You gave quite a list of disappoiting issues. Some you are right. Some you have to take for granted. My advice, return homey and start on where you were before homey.

A week looks a little short to me to understand homey and make it works the way you want.

I bought a homey tried it 3 weeks because i could sent it back within 4 weeks.
Decided to go back to domoticz.
On market place i bought a raspberry pi, rfxcom. Installed it and paired my first light. I was a bit dissapointed because i had used the homey for three weeks.
Sold the domoticz on market place and canceled return of the Homey.
I realize that i am not a heavy user yet with 6 klik aan klik uit switches and 2 thermometers and a weather station but i am glad with my homey.

O i have forgotten my door contacts, netatmo présence and thermostat and sonos/spotify of course

graphics of sensoring devices can be seen on

indeed blinds not possible yet on homey dash , but i cant image that is to diffucult for the developers to add.
And homey should also develop the blinds integraton with google home, almost a month possible now.

i to use homey a lot for all my blinds so it crucial it functions well

there are a lot users who can get the rfxcom app functioning but programming skills are a must

Others have tackled some of your issues, and I can help you with a couple more, but wow thats a long list.

Athom have said that they will be releasing a version of the app - for tablet, in the future.

Do you mean old version 1 or the new version 2

You can group blinds which are not ‘turn on’ - try using the groups app and adding them as window coverings.

Sorry what do you mean by graphics the app doesn’t but do you mean in or which shows a break down of you devices?

Not everyone is running version 2, and as such the ‘out of date’ apps such as homeydash - are not out of date for them

I too find this annoying, as do many others, Athom have never acknowledged this pretty annoying issue. 66% of the screen is useless.

Its possible to add antennas Homey antenna mod

You can use the group app, create a group with one item to change the icon.

But as I said, given all your problems, I think it is something that you need to give serious thought to.

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If this is really your feeling after a week then i indeed think you should return it.
I am sorry, but the most of the cons you mention are either more or less solved already, have nothing to do with the hardware or functioning of Homey itself or they are cosmetic or side issues which do not affect the automation itself.
I don’t have a clue what you can buy instead as it seems to me that you don’t want to invest too much time in (learning to) understanding the device you buy.
Given the fact the only real devices you mention are KaKu, maybe the ICS2000 will work for you.

Given up after 1 week!! thats a bit fast i guess, at least give yourself some time to discover it. Is it perfect… ofcourse not. Name 1 domotica controller thats perfect :wink:

About the smartphone app, iam 100% agree with you… its way better then the old one but at 2019 we may expect a lot more from a app. its basic very basic.

I had a Vera for 1 week before giving up and changing to Homey. There was just no chemistry :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you have started off on the wrong foot with homey, no point keeping it and then hating it everyday wondering what else is out there.

All I can suggest is rather then thinking about what you don’t like, or isn’t perfect for you. (Because no device will be perfect). Compare different devices and choose the one which “fits best”.

There is non, The people that really think it’s plug and play and you need to run through a setup and it’s done don’t have a clue what they start with. Domorica needs to be a hobby or atleast something you don’t mind to change/fix/extend. I’m still lovin’ my homey and its quirks :smile:



Many thanks for all your answers,

Thanks @Jamie , yes i was talking about, thanks for the hints!!

@PetervdK i have about 20 door and siren devices on z-wave, probably 10 chacon plugs and micromodules which really lack feedback, wanted to replace with feedback devices, about 6-7 oregon temperature and rain sensors, and some connected garden stuff. You are right, there is not much more complete solutions out in the market

Amazed by the couple of posts trying to point out i’m new to home automation :slight_smile: you have Homey shares? :laughing:

As stated i have had a eedomus+ box for the last two years, its a bit more complex to handle than the Homey, and unfortunately not aiming to spread outside france, but at least everything is in one mobile and browser interface. However it feels like they slowed down their devs and that it will slowly die out.

Homey looks much nicer and long term promising but having to cover interface flaws by using multiple different browser pages will not work out, thats a show stopper.

Homey is much more promising than the other boxes on the market, but also feels much less ripe. I will give it the time and come back to it in a year or more i guess

Before u leave and i close this topic can u maybe tell us what is wrong with number 2?
What is not stable at

Why close it , a week to understand a complex device like homey is very short, feels jumpy but the critical sound is good for the full palette of opinions existing out there . I have homey nearly 3 years now but still have to ask questions about homey. My advise is take some more time to comprehend the functionality of homey .

Because he says he’s gonna be back sometime. Are we gonna talk about this to him for more then a year to convince him to come back or?

No, please no.There are enough of those topics already. If one makes a decision, fine. But stay with that decision and go. Or stay with homey and quit elaborating every little thing that goes wrong or could be done in another way in general or should be done in another way just on personal need.

Too much debate. I was with HC2 then left it for Homey then went back to HC2 for a while and again just to realise how crap that HC2 was when it came to connectivity, forum, community etc. Then back with Homey.

The guy made up his mind.
His concerns/questions were answered by @Jamie
Lots of similar topics like this.
Consequently this topic is useless now and it should be closed.


one thing is for sure you wont get so much elaborate support as here in the Homey communities


Do you think vera secure is worth the try ?

If this is gonna be about what other controllers to use which are better then Homey am gonna close it right away. If u have any problems with that please contact a moderator via PM.