Bye Bye my Homey

After 3 weeks of test, or should I say trial on error, disapointment, stress and more dispointment, my homey goes back to amazon.
The idea behind Homey is amazing and on paper it is the best device you can imagine. the truth is that it is far away from prime time. The Z-Wave range is a joke. I can live with the fact that I have to buy Z-Wave Range extenders and so on, but not with the fact that time triggered flows do not launch, my Spirit valves do no work reliable because homey has time out errors. They work like a charm on my old eedomus system, so the valves are not the problem. Then homey was updated to firmware 6 and my Panasonic Climatisation stopped working.
The idea with community apps is great, but they are nor reliable. No guaranty for the skills of the developer, no guaranty that the app is supported and continued.
Here you see that Athom is still a startup that does not have the resources to support the product. Community apps are just good to fill a gap, but Athom should develop their own “certified” apps for the major products and the Spirit Valves are the most sold in Europe. I’m willing to pay a reasonable amount for certified apps that are reliable. The user should be able to take the risk to install a free community app or a certfied app that he has to buy to be sure it is supported and reliable, or as long as Athom has no solution for new products take the risk to add it with a community app.

For me, homey is actually a gadget for freaks, but far away from a reliable solution. Sorry, if this sounds to hard.

My next adventure will be a Hubitat Elevation C7 that is ordered and may be later Home Assistant :wink:

To all Homey fans, I wish you all the best and I hope that Athom will one day be able to deliver a prime product with your help.


What a load of b*****t…
Why couldn’t you just return your Homey if you’re not satisfied? Without insulting:

  • the hardworking community developers who are doing a terrific job in there spare time without asking anything in return (unless perhaps a kind “thank you”, which you seem unable to give)
  • Athom
  • almost all of us, “freaks” here.

Is all that really necessary? Write a mail to Athom (bit more kind please) why you are not satisfied, but do impose your frustration upon us here.
Perhaps you should have done a bit more research upfront. With a short Google search, you would have found exactly how Homey’s ecosystem is working in no -time.

Have fun with your Hubitat and find out that no smarthome controller is perfect. It’s just nog that kind of world.


Sorry, but I did not discredit any community developer. I had some exchanges with the community and nearly all of them were polite and most of them agreed that Homey is not a reliable system for the moment and that all of them experience problems and invest much time in trying and searching for workarounds. Some of the oldest ones complained also about bugs existing for 2 years and that did not get fixed by Athom.

I was in contact with the support and while the guy was very engaged his conclusion was that he can not see the problems I experience in the report. He was not able to help and did not get back to me after that.

Yes, your reply identifies you as freak or fanboy. Most serious community members accept critics as they know that many things go wrong.

I am a professional developer and a building project manager and I supervise actually a building automation project for 55 000 m2. I know how to use google and I know what is reliable and what is a gadget. Maybe Hubitat is also a gadget, maybe not. I will know it after playing around with it. Using google I saw that it is also far away from perfect but everyone talks about reliability. My eedomus system is only a Z-Wave system, it’s not sexy, but once something works it is reliable as hell.

If you were able to do some researches, you could find my posts in this community, see my flows and see that everything is correctly set up … but does just work sometimes.

I had nothing more to say on your b****t.

You started this discussion, so you could expect an answer and take the criticism you are imposing on all of us here too.
We like to keep things positive here and help each other with advise and positive thinking.

There is no point at all in your topic. We do not need to know why Homey isn’t working for you. For us it is. You have already made your decision in returning Homey, so why not do so and just move on.
I suggest the @moderators lock this topic or even delete the thread.



Hier ga je niet uitkomen Henk! Bijna iedere post ( did my research yes) gaat over het terug sturen van zijn Homey.
Excuse my French

Now Pascal, what u want from us. Do we need to convince u to stay or are u leaving anyway?
Why not send the Homey back, delete ur account here and move on?
I hate peeps saying they are gonna send Homey back and leave and then stay here just to tell they are leaving. Send it back and hit the deck!!


Your research is obviously better than his, @Rocodamelshekima :wink:

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According his posts he did send Homey back 5 days ago. :wink:


Yes, it’s must be official now, I’m a freak :beers:

I think there is as much chance of an official feature being abandoned in any product as there is of a community dev abandoning an app. The advantage of the community apps is there is often someone willing to take over but official features are normally not reproducible.


That must be a lot of frustration then, after 5 days :wink:

I am playing with Home Assistant these past few days (for dashboard purposes). Well; let’s say that isn’t very much plug-and-play too (but great as a dashboard!)

He might come home from a cold funfair - as we say in Dutch… :wink:

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Neem je verlies en ga verder met je leven en verwijder AUB je bericht.

Homey is uitgebreid en misschien wat lastig in het begin maar met vallen en opstaan maak je de mooiste Flows.
Als je vragen heb staat er hier een enorm leger voor je klaar met alleen maar mensen die je willen helpen.


Well well you did your research quite well. 4hours of reading and you know it all. You have done everything right, your flows are right, honey just sucks. Suc6.

Btw homey works here great. Did take a while to get there as i wanted it. Still some things could be better and i also have some things that don’t work as aspected, but that’s the domotica game.

What is not fair is being very unfriendly to those who develope apps for free and in there spaire time.

And freaks? Mmmm maybe geeks… But freaks. Pfffff

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Hey guys. I take well note that critics are not welcome in this forum. Yes, an admin should lock this topic and even delete it. That is freedom of thinking, haha.

You have eyes, but you don’t see. I wrote that the idea of homey is superb and I see potential. I’m a lot in startup hubs and I know the problems they have. They have to compete with established companies like Samsung, Siemens and Honeywell, but don’t have the resources. I don’t say that the product is wrong or bad from the ground up, but only that it is not ready for prime. It needs a community of people that are … ah, yeah freaks seems to be mistaken, geeks, guys who want to play around … nevertheless it is not ready for people needing something stable and reliable. This is now, but chances are that Homey will become all that in 2,3 maybe 5 years. I tried to trace a way to come there with certified apps. But wait, I doubt that people who are agnostic to critics like you in this thread will do it.

I hope that the other members of the community here are less fanboys and more helpful to Athom.

I just wanted to say good bye, tell you my impressions and wishing all the best to Athom and the community. And hey, it was Boaz from Athom who told “we do not ask positive reviews from our customers, however ask for honest reviews” and that’s what I tried here.

In my review that will come in the next weeks on my brand new channel I will be honest and tell people about the good things in homey and about the actual downsides as of the potential. Unfortunately, I will now have to tell people also of a polite and helpful community but also about some *** here.

Ik heb geen probleem met de flows. Athom is zich ervan bewust dat hun datum en tijd niet werken. My Spirit heeft time-outfouten, maar werkt perfect met de eedomus- of Zipato-regeleenheid. Ik heb uitwisselingen gehad via e-mail met Athom en ze weten niet hoe ze de problemen moeten oplossen. Ik ben niet de enige met zijn problemen en zijn problemen kunnen niet worden opgelost door de flows te veranderen.

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So your opinion is the one that is most true to the actual situation? And all the others here replying are wrong? Stop assuming what we (the other community members) are or are thinking about the Homey ecosystem. Who are you to decide if we are geeks, freaks, fanboys or whatever…?

Still your point isn’t clear. There is none in imposing your opinion here.
I suppose you only want to make your point because you are disappointed. An opinion on which (as is clear from the messages above) this community isn’t waiting, nor appreciating.
Our opinion is clearly different from yours and that seems too hard to take in.

You are not contributing in any way.
Your Homey is sent back already (at least) 5 days ago. Get over your frustrations and move on.

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I’m not disappointed at all. It was amazing to play around with homey and I still love the idea and the nice interface. I just decided that it is not reliable enough for me. The only one who want’s to impose his opinion are you. Take a look at my posts and you see that other members agree to some of my points, but this seems to hard for you to take. Anyway, You win, the most intelligent gives in.

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Yes and no. I was not sure and maybe not ready to send it back, so I asked one more week to test it and to give Athom a chance to solve my problems and to convince me to stay with Homey. Unfortunately, neither Athom nor the community were able to solve my problems. So I decided with a heavy heart to send it back today.

I’m confused :thinking:?1?

Who won what? Can I still subscribe? And is intelligence really needed, otherwise I should probably skip on beforehand…


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And again… more insults.
Glad you are so intelligent.

I think I can rest my case if someone looks at all my posts in the past few years and yours in the past few weeks.

Would be nice if you gave an honest and complete review in your first post. So there are positive things in your opinion! Why not point those out too and only emphasize on the negative?

I still don’t see what’s the point in your topic here, since you already said goodbye to Homey.
But hey; that’s probably because I am not so very intelligent as you… :rofl:


Well, according to all posts you wrote i find that extremely hard to believe… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So, from this freak: goodbye! The sooner the better…


Why not? Take just one sentence of my initial post “on paper it is the best device you can imagine. The truth is that it is far away from prime time” I write from prime time, what does not mean that it can not become true in the future. I wanted to believe in it and to give it a true chance. Unfortunately it did not work for me but I really worked hard on finding workarounds as I like the concept. You can like a 400 HP car and may be you can live with some days the engine does not want to start, but if you need to go every day with your car to work, you have to change it against a reliable one. But you may do it with a heavy heart… this is the same.

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