Homey Stability / Reliability

Hi all, I am wondering how do you experience Homey stability these days? I’ve read reports from about a year ago that Home used to crash and restart was needed.
There are also tickets in Github that z-wave networks become unavailable.

What’s reliability been like recently?

For me it’s pretty decent. It’s controlling all the lights, keeps track of presence (through ifttt though) and acts as a alarm. I use both zigbee and z-wave and i’m happy with both. Rarely the light doens’t trigger (sensor triggered but socket not switching) but this is about 2 out of 100 times.

433 (kaku) still doesn’t like a lot of actions in a short time here. If i switch a 433 kaku device manually it works 10/10, even a socked on the top floor, with 2 floors in betwean works flawless. However if i make a flow that turns multible kaku 433 devices on/off, nothing happens and after a minute suddenly the go off, 1 by one, or not. Made a work around for those by switching off 1 and starting the next flow with a delay. Could be fixed by now, never looked back again and not worth the effort. (6 months now)

Oh, When a lot of things happen at the same time speech still stutters, and flows also seem to have delays. Useally this is very temporary (10 sec) and only when playing around.

The most imporant thing is to make your flows as logical as possible and prevent the sending of unnecessary signals. Like when a motion sensor is tripped you want a light to switch on. Then it goes on. But when its tripped again and the light is already on you don’t want to send the on command again, so a flow should ALWAYS look like “if triggered and LIGHT IS OFF then turn light on”.

If you don’t do it like that homey will be sending signals all the time and will start to slow down a lot or become flooded.

Hi Rickp

I have my front and backyard lights on outdoor 433mhz kaku’s. In my flows i have homey 1st send an on/off signal to the front yard and 5 seconds later to the backyard, works everytime for half a year now, no need to make several flows
Just put a delay on the second, third etc. command.

That’s a great tip… I have an electrical heater in the walk in closet that only is aloud to start for 5 minutes when the light goes on by a sensor. When i 1rst made that flow i didn’t understand (possibly just me being stupid) why it didn’t work like i wanted to. Then i entered the check the state of light and that fixed it.

For me :ok_hand: Daily flows, triggered by remote and / or Siri voice commands, door sensors for security but also to activate and de-activate a cat deterrent (Kaku @433) It all works great.

Only negative experience for me is the zigbee not wanting to create a mesh (i hope 2.x will fix that) so i use the hue bridge for that.

Thanks Rick and Michel for your answers.

Does this means Homey does not support Zigbee mesh network? Or is this just your setup quirk?

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mhm, i have the same issue now, has been worked lawlessly until a reboot for 2 days ago :frowning:

Well, i could not get it to work (previous firmware) but other people do…

I had this experience as well i found out that if you paired your for example xiaomi sensors first and than IKEA lamps for the meshing network it wont mesh. I than reset my all zigbee devices and paired first the ikea lamps and than the xiaomi sensors. Than after pairing i Pulled the plug of homey making sure its a cold restart not an reboot. After homey is fully restarted i went to the development page Homey Developer Tools and after a little time the mesh network is visible.

Hope this could help you out with the zigbee meshing issue for me it works perfectly now.

Thanks for the info Captain,
For now i’m satisfied the way everything works. :+1:,
I doubt that your suggestion would fix it because it didn’t mesh between ikea lights themselves but when the 2.0 firmware comes i’m gonna start over and reconnect everything so maybe then it will work. :crossed_fingers:

Only problem I have is when viewing some power consumption logs in “insights”, Homey becomes unresponsive for some time.
Tried restarting, re-installing etc.
Sometimes I just cant see the logs.

Same here alas. Last weeks Homey even has problems with a simple graph from only one sensor. It hangs completely and nothing (switches, flows) works at that moment.

Hm, I’m relatively new user of homey, few months. I’m using kaku, zwave, doorbird, chromecast, fibaro apps. Relatively simple flows 5-6 of them. Up untill now never noticed any instability. I must say hardware and stabity sake, I’m really satisfied.

I do miss some options but those will come, already announced so all in all I’ve never regret my decision to switch to homey.

I’m also a new user for a few months now, with my new appartment i’m now working with kaku, zigbee, z-wave plus. I’d had to place the homey in the middle of the apartement, some of my zigbee sensor (aqara) weren’t getting through thick concrete wall. The homey is acting great, some simple flows are in place and now it works okay.
I only notice that my Android app is acting slow each time when I open the app. Some devices won’t show up or it takes a long time to show (both WiFi or 4g on Huawei Mate 10 pro).
Almost forgot, since a couple of days Homey speaks in his sleep I think.

Thnks for that advice, this app is much better indeed.

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