Hello everyone,

Am I the only one highly unhappy with the reliability of the Homey? Till two weeks ago, I was very hopeful to see a reliable system with the new Zigbee subsystem, but that hope appeared ungrounded.

At my ground floor, I have 10 Ikea bulbs/spots, 2 Innr smart plugs, 1 Fibaro smart plug and 2 Fibaro dimmers that I want to switch on/off together. If I press the on or the off button, there are always 2-3 lights that don’t switch. Pushing the button again often makes 1 or 2 more switch, but then I need to look up at least one device in the Homey app and tap it to make it switch on or off (and that always works immediately).

The Zigbee and ZWave subsystems certainly have improved: the Homey now consistently knows whether the lamp is off or on. That was often not the case before the 5.0 release. At the other hand: in the past two weeks, I had to reboot the Homey 3 times because it couldn’t find some or many devices anymore.

Am I the only one facing this? Any suggestions? Or things to hope for? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Don’t have any zigbee but z-wave has always been reliable so far. Given you pair things unsecure.

Hi Bert,
If you had searched the forum a bit, you would have found that you are not the only one who is unhappy with the reliability, sadly.

I can not say much about Zigbee, but that the parallel switching of Z-Wave devices again and again causes problems (not switched devices), is unfortunately not a new issue. A possible solution is to switch the devices with a delay. Some don’t think it’s pretty, but it works.
And as @Shakesbeard already said include the Z-Wave devices unsecure to reduce the amount of data.

I don’t have this problem, but I had the problem that the memory usage increased steadily (from about 200 to 500 MB). I’ll have to keep watching, but the problem seems to have gone away after a reboot.

My recommendation is to contact Athom.

Thanks! I’ll do that. Yesterday and today, I had to reboot again.

You probably also tried a new/other poweradaptor of min. 2Amps?

Not yet, but I’ve immediately plugged in a new one. I’ll let you know the experience in a couple of days. Yesterday and the day before, I had to reboot again because it took too long to get to some devices. Hope the adapter fixes the issue. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve plugged it into a 3A power adaptor, but with no benefit. I’ve to reboot it at least once a day. Athom is looking into the issue now.

For anyone curious about how this got resolved: I contacted support. They couldn’t find an issue in the diagnostic data and asked to send in the device, citing the possibility of a hardware issue. Given that I never had to reboot the Homey till the 5.0 release, I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue.

As I lost my trust in Homey, I’ve replaced it with a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant. That’s running for two weeks now with the same linked devices and it’s 100% reliable.

The Homey will soon make its way to Marktplaats.

Thanks for the support and good bye!