Zwave module state unreliable

I have a Homey early 2018 with 4.2.0 installed. My zwave module state seems unreliable, at least for several devices, making it useless as a trigger or condition in flows. Homey often thinks a light is on, whereas it’s not etc. This is the case for both Fibaro as well as Qubino modules.

Emailed support with logs and a more elaborate description etc in April of this year. They said they had gotten reports on this issue by several users, but weren’t able to build a test setup due to Corona. Fair enough. Sent a reminder early July and got the reply that they hadn’t been able to work on this yet, but were hoping to do so soon. Doesn’t seem to me like it’s a high-pri for them and unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.

Did anybody else experience the same issue? Any pointers on what could cause this issue?

This is indeed a problem, as I see it, the reporting of the devices status is not handled, so if a device is switched by a connected switch, this change is send to Homey but Homey ignores this new state. Only is Homey sends a command for ON or OFF, the state in Homey is changed. For me I have this problems with older Fibaro devices FGS-221 and FGS-212. Even more sad is, this has been working in the past. Last year November I reported to Athom.

I recognize this as well.
I have a flow running that checks for energy consumption after it has been switched on and if it is not above a certain level than I switch on again (and again check for energy consumption)
A similar thing can be done when switching of lights of course

According some posts on this forum, it seems, that some newer devices don’t have this problem, but I didn’t buy any new devices lately.