[Modding] Homey Case Modding

A subject firstly spoken about in the Homey Antenna Mode thread is an case mod. based on this interest I’ve created a rough 3d model in which the dimensions are correct. the model has 123x123mm base because my 3D printer does not exceed these dimensions.

V.10 - 18-11-2019

  • Initial version

V1.1 - 29-01-2019

  • Fixed USB misplacement.
  • Added better speaker mount.

V1.2 - 29-01-2019

  • Rounded Edge Design
  • New lid

Very cool! how are you attaching the lid? How did you incorporate the speaker?

Maybe we can find a way to mount a zigbee and zwave repeater inside?

The whole idea was initiated in the antenna mod thread so in this mod Z-Wave,Zigbee,Wifi antenna’s are positioned externally. based on what i’ve seen. you could probably re-use the internal antenna’s as well. the NFC antenna will be attached to the lid. I did not yet designed the lid.

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Sorry somehow it swallowed a word. I meant to include the zwave / zigbee repeater inside

Will be following this topic.

It would be awesome to have a similar thing with the homewizard. There was guy on Marktplaats/tweakers that did mods for x euros.

I would be interested if i could drive to somebody that would do the mod :slight_smile:

A collegue of my use these

He told me that the range is extented (without extra powersupply) I’ve only upgraded the zigbee & WiFi (no soldering)

I’m not sure if I understand this, but I guess you need an repeater for each of the applications (ZigBee,Z-Wave,Wi-Fi) zo if you want to amplify all you need 3 of these boards? I’m not sure how the interference will be, but there is some room underneath the main PCB.

Yeah just adding a repeater to Zwave and Zigbee to extend the Range even further :sunglasses:

I guess depending on the thickness of the wall one could have them free hanging with the antenna connection going right through the wall. Not perfect as the whole weight of the board will be hanging on it but they aren’t that heavy

@Xtasy Welke (5v) voeding gebruik je hiervoor?

Dit zijn de antennes waar @Sjalabert het over heeft. En de manier hoe deze te solderen.

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Goed bezig HERMAN!. Welkom in the community :wink:

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Shouldn’t be too hard to find a 5V source inside homey

ik weet het nog niet zeker, maar het zou niet zo moeilijk moeten zijn om ergens een 5V-bron te vinden

Klopt, maar via de huidige USB ga je het niet trekken / the current power supply is not enough.

As we are in the English part of the forums plz stick to English.

I think Homey’s power supply should be able to take the extra 80mA that the amplifier requires.

Please stick to english and it was not my intention to hijack the Antenna Mod Thread so please post any antenna related comments/questions in that thread.

whats the wall thickness you would print such a case?

What would be your expected cost and time to make one?

I really don’t have a clue, the wall thickness is 2mm, I would print is solid (no mesh). when the final design is finished I can calculate the weight of PLA that is used with the different “resolutions”. I would be amazed is this uses more than 200gr. of PLA.

This is actually the first time i’m designing something, so perhaps I not doing things right but please let me know. before this I only downloaded models from thingiverse and print them. Sadly there is no Homey Case on thingi verse yet :grinning:.

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I have a 3D printer too but it is currently in pieces. Yeah I think 2mm would be fine but I wouldn’t print it solid. It’s too time consuming for a case that will never experience any forces. You could maybe do a 50% infill to save a lot of time and a little bit of material.

It’s cooler to start from scratch! Maybe share your file here so people interested in this can work on it too, change it etc ?