The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

My questions for the AMA:

  1. How realistic is it that a migration option is available before Homey is released (Please, please, please work on a migration option. (Currently running an early 2016 homey with almost 100 devices…))
  2. Can I expect that with the new Homey pro the z-wave range is better than with an early Homey pro with the antenna mod?
  3. I currently need to add several delays when I switch of 30 lights and other devices in one flow. Can the new Homey pro do without those delays?
  4. I use the led ring on homey to indicate the power production (orange < 1000W and green >1000W) and consumption (red). Will a permanent (always on) color become a default option for the led ring? (considering apps cannot be used for this anymore, and it is not an existing screensaver)
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