Missing_scopes when updated to rc50

Hi I want to update my homey from 4.2 to rc50. When I try to this ( Experimental updates
) i get the error : Missing_scopes in red in the down left corner ? whats wrong ?

An image maybe?

Have you tried logging out and back in again? Are you logged in as Owner (and not as “Manager”)?

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Hi i think i.am loged in as a manger and not as the owner, the got both the same email adres, i i have forgot the password from the owner. do you now wat to do ? greeting Harry

I don’t think you can have two separate accounts with the same e-mail address.

In the mobile Homey app go to “Home > [your photo] > Manage my account” (“Beheer mijn account”). There you should be able to see the e-mail address (I assume that you’re logged in as Owner in the mobile app).

Hi, now i loged in as beheerder, see screen. how to reset the owner. ?

i dont know the email adres i think that it is the same as the (beheerder) ?

What happens if you click “Harry Evers Eigenaar”? Do you get to see the e-mail address perhaps?

No, :worried:

afaik there is no option from the App of even the API to get the email adres from another user.
You should look in your own emails what the email address is for the owner. probably the first time you registered and setup Homey.
It should not be possible the have these two (Owner vs Manager) rolls on the same account.
If you don’t know the email address of the Owner or think you managed to get both on exactly the same email address contact Athom Support.

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thanks, i wil send a question to the support.