Unfortunately an unknown error has occurred

Hi all I am new , pls help

My old homey can’t power up ,so I bring for an one to one exchange.

I successful set up, but there is 2 homey in my main screen. I rename the new one as homey new.

My question is I can’t delete or unlink the old homey which I already can’t login.

Second question is I had unlink and relink homey to Google home. And I able to link successfully to Google home but when I try to call is keep on say Unfortunately an unknown error has occurred ,please try again

What should I do? Screenshot_20181004-131820_Google

It could be related, so lets first remove the offline Homey.
Log in to a browser (or start the Desktop App ) and in the Homey Selector press the Alt key while you click on the Offline Homey, There should appear a Remove option (Could not yet test :wink: only when Homey is some time Offline I guess.)

If that doesn’t work e-mail support@athom.com and tell them your Athom account that should be fixed.
They can remove an replaced Homey.

Tried to remove but sad to say only the new homey appear X when ALT is pressed … but the old homey don’t not have the remove button

Please email support and include your Athom account (Email address) and the CloudID of your current (working) Homey,
they will remove the other one for you.

Thanks bro, will try to contact support and update u again ,cheer… thank so much for your reply

Now homey has already remove my old account but another problem came…

When I try ok Google ask homey to …
It reply my language must set to us. But my language is already us.

For other users it’s good to keep this questions in 1 place. Like u alr posted this question here is not gonna help other users find what they are looking for me guess?