Invite family members , ending up with : missing required parameter : athomid


Sending the invite out via sms to a family phone , setting up the account as normal , but at the last stage it ends up with

missing required parameter : athomid

Tried to delete the account several times and started all over again with a new invite , but always ends up the same again ??

Contact Athom.


Its been 4 weeks since ive emailed the support about this issue , still no reply .
I know that the support has been busy …

Afaik no need to remove account.

Alternatively try from webapp on pc
In browser log in as Homey Owner.
Create invite link,
Switch to incognito browser and paste link.
Log in with the account to invite or create a new Athom account.

Thnks for the tip , it did work just fine . Invite is working

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For next time, afaik they don’t respond to email messages.
Go to support:

Did start a support case 4 weeks ago …