Mi dgnwg05lm


I have a MI Control hub DGNWG05LM.
I want to add this to homey. But addingin it to Homey is not possable becourse the Ports are closed.

So i Followed the guide for opening the Ports.

  • Find a specific screw bit (like a fork) to open the gateway case.
  • Find a USB-UART cable/module and connect it to your computer.
  • Solder 3 wires - RX, TX and GND like here .
  • Turn on the gateway (220V).
  • Open a serial terminal application (e.g., PuTTY) and connect to the serial port assigned to the USB-UART module (baudrate: 115200).
  • Wait until the gateway is booted up, connect the RX, TX and GND wires to the UART module (don’t connect the Vcc (power) wire!).
  • RX on UART to TX on gateway
  • TX on UART to RX on gateway
  • You will see all the messages from the gateway.
  • Send the command psm-set network open_pf 3 (the command has to end with a CR newline character).

And my luck this is the version that will not allow the PSM-Set Command. So i did a search for the sloution and i found a post with a Custom Firmeare for the device.

So I Flashed the Firmware as descript in GitHub - openlumi/openlumi.github.io: OpenWrt for Xiaomi Zigbee gateway with imx6 SoC DGNWG05LM, ZHWG11LM and installed Zigbee2mqtt on it.

So far So Good.

But now how to add it to homey ? Anyone any idee ?

Greetings Ronald

There is no app that supports zigbee2mqtt, but you may be able to use the “MQTT device” functionality of the MQTT Hub app.

But why are you going through all the trouble of getting zigbee2mqtt working on Homey? If you want an alternative for Homey’s own Zigbee implementation, something like deCONZ seems a better choice, as there’s a dedicated Homey app for that.

Hello Robert,

Yes i know this is the dificaled way. I just want to add the Ziaomi mi bridge to homey, but they made it inpossable.

I know the deCONZ have a app for homey. but to cover the whole house 1 need two of them that means also two devices to pluig them in. and i don’t have them.

So that’s why to try to get the Xiaomi bridge to work

Unless you have two separate properties that cannot be linked by Zigbee, you should really only need 1 deCONZ setup.

As for the Mi Bridge, like I said, you can try and set something up with the MQTT Hub app, but it’s going to be a PITA to configure because you would basically have to manually create a new Homey device for each Zigbee device (it can’t “import” all the devices at once). But if you’re adamant on using the Mi Bridge, that’s what needs to happen.

on your advise i bought a Conbee II USB stick. Installed the software on my Windows PC. Can add devices to the Conbee. But can not add the Deconz to my homey. message is no gateway found.

Can you help me ?

(buy any change are you dutch?)

I can’t help you, but there’s a dedicated thread for the deCONZ app that you can post your question in.

And yes, I’m Dutch :smiley:

hoi Robert,

Heb de Conbee II stick nu goed aan het werk op mijn pc. Nadeel bij een windows upodate werkt het niet meer. Dus ik wil naar een rasbery PI. Deze hoeft alleen te werken met de deconz software. kun jij me een advies geven welke aan te kopen ?

Ik zou dan voor de 3B+ gaan, die is redelijk toekomstbestendig met dual-band WiFi én ethernet. Als je echt voor het goedkoopste wilt gaan is een Zero W waarschijnlijk al goed genoeg, deCONZ heeft niet veel RAM of processorkracht nodig.


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