Melting Homey Pro 2023 - may cause fire?

I just saw my device was not standing evenly and found out the middle section under was very “bumpy” - seems to be melted and very expanded. I immediately disconnected it and will take it to the retailer I bought it from a few weeks ago. My daughter also have one and we checked the area under that one and it has started to be e little bit bumpy as well. I am afraid this error can cause a fire…
Have anyone experienced this as well? Please check yours as well.

Unless they revised the design already (not very likely) then there is nothing hot there that can get hot enough to deform the plastic without any outside influence.
There is a metal plate there (source) (to differentiate the led ring better), but that doesn’t get near anything hot (the hottest, by far, is the PI module, and that is on top of Homey).


There are many elements that can get hot.
Take a photo of the power supply you received from Homey.

Saw it already 2nd time, can you tell us :

  • when did you purchased it (really just few weeks?)
  • via official channel/retailer?
  • what Athom support told you, contact them anyway
  • which firmware you were running

it’s very strange because there if metal plate, which should even not cause such shape, even if it would be melting

Maybe this glue reacts to temperature?
There had to be pressure to push the bottom out like that.


  • bought it 8 February 2024
  • from Norways 2nd biggest retailer
  • still no answer yet
  • firmware 10.3.3
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And I assume, except of this “melting”, it was / it is working fine? It’s real mystery because there isn’t really at bottom any part, which should be causing such melting - [Modding] Various Homey Pro (Early 2023) Modification suggestions - #37 by Sharkys
Also when I took Infrared photo, bottom part us much cooler than the upper,where the major heat source is the CM4 itself.
[Modding] Various Homey Pro (Early 2023) Modification suggestions - #138 by Sharkys

Btw when you contacted support, you did create warranty case, right? Even it would be exchanged by the retailer, Athom might be interested to analyze this piece of HW themselves because if it’s due to the excessive heat, it’s dangerous issue.


Yes it is working fine, but do not dare te keep it on due to this melting/expanding part.

Did you, by any chance, monitor the temperatures through the insights?

Some homey 2023 don’t have this metal plate. It’s picture of new devices without in this forum.

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Interesting, can you share links please ?

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I can find the specific later…

This is one with the sheelds removed after fcc testing.

And I only got the Screenshot of a thread with loose metal inside. (Now they ship some units without). I can find this later. It may been on Facebook. Can’t remember

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I have a Homey Pro 2023 too, I have checked the bottom, and there is indeed an irregular bump, that was not there when I first installed it.
The bump is not as large as Harald’s, but the bottom is definitely deformed.

I will contact Homey Support

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Same here. That’s odd. I’ll contact them as well.

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Did anyone receive an reply from Athom?

Here is Athom’s response:
“ It seems like your Homey Pro has a defect. Unfortunately this defect is not something we can resolve from a distance and you will have to send your Homey Pro to our office for investigation. Please add a letter with what exactly happened with your Homey. Could you also send me your full address so I can send you a new Homey Pro?”