Dropped my homey 😢

I dropped my Homey and now there is something rattling inside when I shake my Homey carefully. It sounds like a screw or so?
It seems that everything is functioning normally, but still I’m curious what is rattling!

Has anybody opened Homey and from that have a clue what could be have been broken inside my Homey.
And then of course the major question: should I worry?

Some has yes!

Thanks for sharing that.
In my case it sounds like there is something rattling on the bottom half of the dome.
Looking at the pictures I doubt that something from the top half of the dome (above the motherboard) can go underneath the motherboard into the bottom part of the dome.

So the part that’s rattling was already underneath the motherboard.
Again looking at the pictures I think I see the speaker there is that correct?

But when all is working like it should, what would it matter if one of the feet broke down?
If u wanna know for sure then i would suggest u open it.

Yeah, a good chance that’s the speaker.
But if it works, I would not open it. I was lucky that mines was not glued properly, others mileage might vary, I’ve seen some bad jobs from people that tried opening it.
So bear that in mind before u do anything

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All seem to work fine. So indeed I’m good, not going to take any risk by opening it.
Thanks all for the help.

Maybe you can use a bright flashlight from opposite side and see a shadow of the loose part.

If the loose part is underneath the PCB that’s good and I wouldn’t worry. If it is above and it’s a metal part that could be an issue if it rests on the board as it could create an electrical short circuit.