Homey Pro Support, faulty units

Geeting very frustrated with trying to get started with Homey Pro right now, after 5 months of waiting turns up broken, rattles very badly so something loose. Spoke to a very helpful Dennis via email support who arranged a replacement, this has taken several weeks due to delays in PostNL and Royal Mail and now today I receive a unit that is probably worse than the one I sent back - is anyone else experincing this poor level of support? seriously now considering another product as fed up with waiting so long to get a usable unit.

Hoping it is a one-off, anyone else experiencing issues like this?

Sorry, i can’t say the same, i’ve ordered many Homeys in the years, always got correct working devices, never had any issues about the hardware.
My 2016 device, which a friend has now, is even still working correctly.

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Lets hope it is isolated case although the frustration is I now need to wait anything up to two weeks for them to acknowledge the second faulty unit.

And did they work or not? If I recall well, the rattling sound shall not influence the functionality of Homey itself (someone can confirm?)
But you are saying delay due to the PostNL and Royal mail, thats nothing related to Athom themselves but I understand it increases frustration level.

I had a faulty device (unable to activate) but got send a replacement the same day. I found it great service.

Ou, incorrect serial number or something like that, right.
So now the second one, it makes “only” rattling sound or it’s not functional as well?

Second one seems fine.

Unfortunately I can’t find that information anywhere now - but at least in the meantime you can check how it works and then, with enabled backups, you can migrate to the new one when replaced

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Delays in PostNL is on top of 10 days for Homey to respond!! Not long I know but after waiting 5 months already it’s not good to send out untested replacement. I didn’t power on as they told me to send straight back.

How did you get in touch with support on same day?

They told me not to plug in first one and just send back so assuming same with replacement.

I just submitted a support request in the website.

It was somewhere in the depths of the community’s slack.

Usually they answer quite quickly over there ticket system. but it’s the holiday season, so, it can take a little bit longer.

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What holiday season is it and do you know when it ends?

I’ve just submitted a ticket for the exact same issue as the OP. My Homey Pro was finally delivered (after a £70+ import tax) but when I’ve tried to fire it up the app didn’t work. Checked the early access issues again and noticed there’s a specific issue on hardware related to rattling devices.

Surely there’s a serious manufacturing issue if rattling device is a ‘known issue’. I don’t even have to give mine a gentle shake. Just taking it out of the box it felt like the entire insides were all falling around. These clearly have not gone through proper quality testing if this is a known issue.

I’m now worried I’m going to have to pay another £70+ import tax to receive another device. I hope not.

The import duty is a mistake and they will refund it. I mentioned it when I needed replacement and they refunded it and also the shipping cost for sending old unit back.

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Not yet, but they’re very busy as they say, which can have various reasons (personnel issues, and/or shitloads of support requests due to selling an “early access” product to end users)

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Well out of sheer frustration decided to plug it in and see if if the faulty replacment unit works and to start getting set up while waiting for Homey to respond and all I get is frequent disconnects, every few minutes it says Homey is Offline and tries to re-connect so not off to a good start!!

During which phase, setup? Over Wifi/Ethernet?
What does the LED ring shows? Updated to latest firmware? etc…

This was after setup and updates completed so on latest firmware and LED ring displaying normal rainbow colours. It was almost everytime I swapped pages in the iOS App i.e. if I went to Devices then back to homwe screen or to Apps then Devices. However, I’ve moved the unit and it seems much better although to be honest it was only 15 feet from an Access Point and I have a very solid Netgear Orbi network with 3 AP’s and dedicated backhaul channel due to having a lot of smart home stuff. That said, it is now about 10 feet from main AP and seems happier (I’m assuming the rattle is not the Wi-Fi Antenna and connection is degraded?

Still not hard back from Homey so started to delete eveyrthing from Bridge and start again on the new Pro while waiting for a replacement unit - waited so long, very keen to get going!!

How you finding the unit?

Are you familiar with band steering, transmit power, MAC filtering?