Order Shipment stucked 1 month & a half. No answer or solutions. Please Help!

Good morning,

I am desperate so maybe someone around can help.

I ordered a unit of new Homey Pro in december. On May 16th my order was finally shipped to Spain and got stucked in the NL the same day.

I have been sending emails about it but no one has offered a solution, just ask me to wait. And it’s been a month and a half. The unit was paid in December so you can imagine how frustrating is this.

I honestly don’t think @Emile or @Stefan will read this but it is not what I expected as my first experience with Athom.

Does somebody have some suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi German, we are sorry for the delay in answering you. We have been incredibly busy, and due to some circumstances, your email never made it to the top of the pile. We have sent you an answer now, and are working towards fixing your issue as soon as possible!

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