Problems With Order - Support Not Responding


I finally ordered a Homey yesterday. The order is listed on my account but I did not get a ‘Thank you for your order email’, which I should have. I also have not received a shipping notification even though it should have shipped by now.

I tried contacting support and all I got was a ‘we’re busy, we’ll try to get back to you in a couple of days’ response, and then absolutely nothing else.

I do not have any idea what the status of my order is - can anybody help please?


Give them some time? You ordered yesterday?

That would normally be the case, but I ordered in the morning and they promise same day shipping if you order by 5.

I also have received no email confirming my order, nor shipping - which i did, last time I was going to get one.

It seems like something has gone wrong and I would like to know what. Otherwise its going to be a weekend of not knowing what happened to my £265

Support has contacted you :slight_smile: This topic will be closed.