Order shipped 9 days ago but the package seems stuck in Netherlands

I ordered Homey Pro, Bridge and ethernet adapter on December 2nd 2023 and the shipping was confirmed on December 4th. I did not receive anything yet and the tracking was not updated since December 5th and looks somehow stuck in Netherland.
What should I do?

Contact Athom (I assume you ordered with them), this is a community forum and nobody here will be able to help you.

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I did but they do not reply and probably I’ll not get any reply in the next 2 weeks. I guess I will call my bank and open a complain.

Probably an issue with the shipping company, so maybe you could contact them.
I have had issues getting things from the Netherlands and seems to be one well known courier that is to blame.
It’s a pity that Athom keep using them, but I guess they are cheap.

Just wait a couple of days, these sorts of issues are typically handled much faster than the 2-3 weeks that is mentioned.

I already get in touch with the delivery company and they told me I need to contact Athom because the package was scanned last time on Dec 6th and this could indicate an issue (lost package or something else) and only Athom could raise an investigation.