Delivery issues

Hello! What is going on with the delivery of the new homey pro? It was shipped from you 21/03 and shipment data hasn’t been updated since. A lot of Norwegian customers have the same issue (facebook group)

Welcome to the community,

This is a community forum, you should contact Athom support for this,

or here:

If you live in Norway…you have to pay “mva + toll” I had to pay 299NOK in “toll” + 1004NOK in “mva” the unit came to Norway 27/3…and vas delivered 30/3 2023

Same here, delevery to Norway. i paid customs for my new homey that was delivered today 03.04.23. And the package contains only ethernet adapter.

Proshop saying they have the new homey in webshop from may month, cheaper than my pre-ordered homey when custom was paied.

So as it stand now, it would be faster and cheaper to wait for the store got homey in storage.

This is the most expensive ethernet adapter i ever have bought! I hope Athom send me a homey early 2023 express today!