New Homey Pro, supposed to be loose parts inside it?

I received my new Homey Pro, but it was really poorly packaged and now there appears to be a loose part inside it. I cannot imagine they designed it with intentional loose parts…? It turns on, but I am sceptical. Anyone else?

I would have contacted Homey support, but it’s impossible since it asks me to verify my email, which I can’t do, since I am not receiving any emails to verify.

There have been reports of loose parts. It is even mentioned here:

Only way is to ask Athom by requesting support via:

No email verification is necessary.

Thanks, I was able to use that link without signing in. When I click on the normal submit link on the support page, it asks me to log in.

I can’t follow you, please define “the normal submit link”?

When I just follow the links:
Scroll down to Customer Support
Click on “Submitting a support request”
Click on 3. You can create a request here

I can create a ticket without having to log in:

Yesterday, when I clicked the Submit link, it took me to the login page, at which point I simply get the graphic below. Today though, it works fine. Thanks.

Customer support offered me to replace the product, or keep it as they expected it to still function as intended without affecting the warranty.

They informed me “The sound you hear is due to a physical, non-functional part of Homey Pro that has come loose and has a bit of moving space, creating the sound. The physical part that let loose does not affect Homey Pro’s functionality in any way. Although it contains metal, this is shielded with rubber from the electronics inside of Homey Pro, preventing short-circuits, and the part is in its correct place. It can move a little bit when Homey Pro is shaken (making the sound you hear), but it is still in place within the bottom of the device.”

Would be interesting to know how fast they would be replacing it… if in next few months or if they have units spare for warranty claims.