[Modding] Various Homey Pro (Early 2023) Modification suggestions

Good luck !

Coukd you please make detailed guide with many pictures/photos how you replaces the CM4 ?

I’ve seen/read something about (de)soldering which give me the creeps. Never was good at this kind of manual stuff although repaired my 1st computer speakers at the age of 11 by replacing some exploded capacitors. I Just don’t have a enough good/steady hand.
(Now i’m 50- age).

Thank you.

Red Iphonitis rigorosa : level 11

Looking forward for the results! I’m expecting the last parts by the end of this week. Then I will try to make a more complete post how to, etc. But I want a complete post (Incl limitations). That will take some time.


My module is on its way shoud arrive after 8 may :)…

Some additional photos…




For anyone who is interested; I’ve just installed a different heatsink. The temperature (LED off) was stable at 64,5-65,5c before the switch and is now 54c without the LED after the switch.

What you need if you want to replace the heatsink:

  1. T8H screwdriver for removing the 4 screws on the bottom of Homey
  2. Wrench size 5 for removing the 4 hex nuts from the heatsink
  3. Thermal pad with thickness of 1mm for the CPU and 3mm for the Ethernet controller (I used 21W/mK)
  4. Heatsink with longer fins. They are 11mm height instead of 5mm. (21gram instead of 11)

I don’t know if I am allowed to share direct links to a shop but you can find them (on AliExpress) and some pictures below could be helpful.

Heatsink (black and blue available):

Thermal pad:


Edit 2023-05-19: When adjusting the nuts (how ‘strong’ they are tightened), you can manage it to lower the temp to ±52c. (room temp 24c):


Do you have homey “open” like with slots in the lid or original?

Just the original case. I don’t like holes or fans in a Domotica system. Fans use power and holes means dust. So I was looking for a solution without additional power consumption or holes in the case :smiling_face:


Thanks to all findings from @Sharkys , i can confirm that turning on the led (spectrum) will rise the system temp around 3,5c (and probably more if you use the original heatsink). So you can see it as a way to reduce the system temperature, or as a way to save energy (heat is energy) by turning that off if you don’t need it.


For those who prefer the hard mod with an additional housing, here is an example.

  • Infinitely variable speed control by Homey with a Shelly RGBW
  • 12 Volt bequiet! 80 mm fan



You should try the artic fan’s they have temp sensor and won’t spin if it’s cool

Also so basically a backup from usb c is just a dd of the whole internal disk? Is it possible to dd it back to another device?

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About the backup; Yes, it is a compressed file with a backup of all the partitions. You can restore it to another homey 2023 (CM4 module).

Together with this usb fan adapter it should be the one of the best fan solutions.

€ 1,73 | Y Splitter Usb Fan Adapter Kabel Snelheid 5V 12V Step-Up Usb Naar Fan Dual 3Pin 4Pin pc Mouwen Power Kabel 57 Kleuren Mouwen Schakelaar

Red Iphonitis rigorosa : level 11

Just run a 12v fan from a 5v usb adapter and homey runs below 30c no need for adapter or something, i use a really smal 40mm fan with a 3d printed lid where the air flows over the cm4 and then out of the lid

This is of course a simple method. Unfortunately, this variant only measures the ambient temperature and not the processor temperature.
I had also considered this, but came to the conclusion that the Shelly can react directly to the processor temperature and adjust the speed of the fan accordingly.

I use them regularly it’s a little cable you place on the point you want to measure so it’s direct

There are many roads to Rome here, and at least this doesn’t look bad:


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Ordered one of these myself

Was considering testing both with and without the fan. Have a couple of days before my new module arrive. Like the one you found there with the sinked in fan.

@Ranney how is your temperature holding after the bigger heatsink?