[Modding][OT] Replacing a eMMC chip on a CM4 module

I think it is a little bit Off-Topic for the Homey Community, but starting is from the Topic [HowTo] Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Resize user Partition on eMMC
This now is a Topic on it’s own for the daredevils that can solder …
[Modding][OT] Replacing a eMMC chip on a CM4 module

Next-level because we can… :wink: was by Ivan Kuleshov replacing the eMMC chip self.
(On a CM4 module, not on a Homey …)

But Yes, probably Homey first becomes very slow, especially at boot with more than ~100 apps ? and then needs more space on Flash, even with a 8 GB Memory .

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Here is how to do that :wink:

(probably other author)


Hmm. Got the stuff I need to replace already. Anybody an idea where to buy the flash chip?

It depends, even China…


There is also more projects like that :

While 256GB is overkill, there are some other compatible chips, eg. SDINBDD4-64GB

Note : original chip seems to be SAMSUNG 32GB KLMBG2JETD-B041

…but soldering such eMMC chip require really good equipment and skills ;-(

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Hmm, maybe not so much overkill if it also has ‘load balancing’. :smiling_face:

And I know. I’m a amateur solder. But has some good results with my simple mph30 (with community firmware). So still some hope I can exchange the chip with this tool :smiling_face:

Thanks for the info!

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You mean Miniware MHP30 SMD Rework Hot Plate ? There might be problem with the temperature and also you would need BGA reballing stencil / reballing platform EMMC BGA153 or how it’s called together with BGA balls (Sn63Pb37, 0.3mm size) for reballing…and courage, but if your CM4 is dead, you have not much to loose :wink:


Haha, that was exactly my idea. Not so much to loose and I already have 2 CM4 modules that are not working anymore (flash issue). But… the flash module is a little bit expensive on itself. I will try to find a smaller one for experimental replacement :smiling_face::+1:

And yes, that one. I have bought it for one project (my primary soldering station was not enough). But surprised how ‘easy’ it is to desolder and solder a chip from/to a board. :muscle:

Ps. What is the problem with the temperature?

It was about maximum temperature and duration applied but can’t find exactly the statement, so just from another source :
When soldering,please make sure that the temperature for lead-free /No Pb BGA chips is 245℃-260℃(Maximum),Leaded/Pb BGA chips 180℃-205℃(Maximum).

So in your case, I guess you are applying heat from the bottom of PCB ? Might be more gentle than with hot air station… when / if you will doing it, definitively document for community :wink:

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