Matter thread pairing mode to other platforms

I can pair a matter/thread device to Homey Pro, but cannot get a pairing code to then pair it with another platform. The reverse however works fine. If I first pair with Apple Home you can request a pairing code and it pairs fine with Homey.

Is it just that Homey hasn’t implemented the pairing code feature yet?

I guess you’d best ask Athom Support | Homey

This is a user forum.

Hi Peter, yeah I posted here because my thinking was maybe I was doing something wrong and didn’t know the way to ask the app to do it. Which could still be the case.
Good point to also query Athom.
What is cool is how well homey pro now handles thread. It worked right off. So once they add the feature to also get a pairing code it should make the feature complete.

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Thanx Mark,

Also, the Knowledge base is helpful, not sure if you checked it? Maybe it has some answers:


I would definately notify support, when the app or KB isn’t clear about that.

I’m still convinced Athom seems to not involve a group of volunteer noobs (with all respect) to test if the howto’s and kb articles are clear enough.

I understand correctly that Matter threads is only supported on the new Homey of last year - and not the homey pro from just a little older ??

what is this weird… it is not like the white ball is an old thing, it was the hottest and greatest for less then a year ago - full in marketing and distribution - treated now already as old and phased out??

Technology moves fast and thread is very new. Many hardware devices did not have, and still don’t have the hardware radios to support it. Homey 2023 was sufficiently evolved to be able to

ehhh yeah sounds reasonable, it’s just…

the recent f#ckup with zigbee devices on the homey “2019” generic update is caused by the fact they fiddled around activating things in the zigbee chip there.

Homey Pro 2023 firmware 10.3.0 - zigbee is broken - Questions & Help - Homey Community Forum

so it’s not like the hardware is the limit.

The Zigbee chip in the old Homey simply doesn’t support Thread. The recent changes have to do with supporting certain Aqara Zigbee devices.

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ah, ok. so the time has come to ditch :wastebasket: the ball :volleyball: and move to home assistant :sparkles:, as there is nu future for this :crystal_ball:

when there is one thing that I hate :face_with_raised_eyebrow: most is if companies one day have their fine and greatest and next day stop development and support and want you to buy their next fling.

there is a nice opportunity to return the thing anyways, as Atom publically has finally admitted it is not “all local” as advertised. (dutch law)

What did you expect? That someone from Athom comes by and solders a new Thread chip into your device? This is hardware limitation not a software limitation. At the time you bought the device they never promised you to get new hardware features. You were only promised software updates and those you are still receiving.

There is a bunch of stuff you can criticize Athom for, but this is not one of them in my opinion.