How to pair thread device with latest firmware?

Hi Community,

I do have these nanoleaf bulbs. Thread & Bluetooth.

I thought that as soon as “Thread” is enabled I am able to pair them with my homey pro 2023. The firmware changelog states: Thread Enables Homey Pro’s Thread radio.

Additionally when adding a device an selecting homey it still says only: Infrared, Matter, Z-Wave, Zigbee. Where is the “Thread” option? Or did I misunderstood what “Thread” implementation means on homey?


Thanks for your quick response.

Just let me confirm; although thread radio is enabled you will not support devices such as the one mentioned above?

Have you tried?

Yes I did. Actually I have 2 different kinds of these devices.

One which is matter labeled with a 11 digit pairing code, I already added them to homey months ago.

The second one are the once with thread/bluetooth (+ homekit compatibility), they have a 8-digit pairing code that is actually not working because the pairing interface requests 11 digits. However I thought now “Thread” is enabled and I can pair them.

Any clue? Since I have 12 of these bulbs and need them. Although I do not have an Apple ecosystem maybe I can somehow enable homekit and pair them? Is there a workaround?

The document I linked to explains several methods of pairing Thread devices with Homey…

Thanks. Unlike the browser version I do see Thread settings in the Android app - I haven’t noticed before.

When I open these settings I see this…

I cannot change anything. How do I make Homey to be the main boarder router? And subsequently connect the Nanoleaf thread bulbs? Or, as soon as I enable Homey Boarder Router (how?) I can add thread devices?


In the link that @robertklep shared, it is clearly stated that “Homey Pro only supports Thread devices that also use Matter.”, does your bulbs support Matter?

Stop focussing on trying to add a Thread device, just look at the document I linked to, it explains how to add Thread devices to Homey.

Dear Robert,

Thanks for your feedback.

Now I get that only “Thread over Matter” is supported atm. That is not obvious when looking at the connectivity options. “Thread” is shown as a separate functionality such as Z-Wave.

Do you plan to integrate “Thread” that I can use my light balls in the same way I use them right now with Google Home (and its Border Router functionality)?

(Edit: Let me add that my light bulbs have a Thread logo but no matter logo)


That’s because it is a separate functionality. Matter support for Homey has existed for some time now, Thread support only since this week.

From what I can see, the Nanoleaf lights come in two variants: HomeKit over Thread and Matter over Thread. Homey supports the latter, and I doubt it will support the former (it also explains that you have an 8-digit pairing code, because that’s a HomeKit code).

FWIW, Homey is a Thread border router with the new firmware.