Add Thread device to Homey acting as Thread Border Router

Hey guys, I have bought this BT,Thread enabled thermometer from Qingping. BTW very nice device.

The device has Homekit code on it. The description says it is compatible with other Thread Border Routers (which I assume Homey Pro is).

My HomeyPro 2023 is on latest update which enabled Thread radio. I assume it is not Matter enabled so I expected some auto identification and pair process. Even with pushing button to wake up Thread, nothing happens.

Am I wrong thinking the thermometer is compatible with homey? I do not have Apple homekit. Maybe because Homey is connected via Ethernet and not Wifi?

Did you actually add the device to Homey first?

In the mobile app (won’t work in the web app), go to Devices, “+”, “New Device”, “Matter”.

Yes I tried but there is no Matter code on the device only Homekit qr code. So not successful doing that.

So when you try to scan the HomeKit QR code you get an error?

With the Homey app for iOS you have two options: “Connect via Homey Pro” and “Connect via iOS”. I don’t know what the difference is.

I have the same option in Android. Thing is that the qr code for Matter has 11 digit. The one for homekit is 8 digit. So I assume Matter is not the case here :thinking:

Reading back a previous comment I made, apparently there are Thread devices that only support HomeKit, and not Matter. It sounds like your device is one of those.

There are only 2 options for adding matter to Homey.
1 - Matter code sticker
2 - you install the application on your phone and add the device to it via Bluetooth (in your case the QINGPING+ app) and it should be possible to generate a Matter code for it.

Unfortunately there are two trypes of product. T for homekit (bluetooth + Thread) and M for Qingping app (only BT). Not possible to add T version into Qingping app. I guess I am stuck here and will need to give up.