Matter issues and Homey losses connection

My frist question is dose anyone else have trouble with matter? I have to restart homey 3-4 times/week to reestablish matter connection. I get this error when it stops working and I try to switch the plugs on

“Could not reach (matter) network. Restart your (matter) router”

After restarting Homey pro it works again.

Second problem is that homey looses connection to the network. Flows still work (433mhz,z-wave,matter,wifi and Zigbee plugs still works) but can’t use the app. Same here after reboot it works fine again.

What could be the problem or is this a known issues?

Surely you’ve found the many posts on the forum about Homey losing network connection?

Don’t know why but my search gave me a year old post first so I thought it were fixed.but now I got more recent post…

But my search for the matter connection problem I get no hit.

They might be related.