Matching Sunshades to same value

Hi I just migrated from Fribaro HC2 and does not know how to operate my Homey pro at all.
at the moment I want to migrate some scenes from Fibaro.
This Scenen was working beutiful on the fibaro.
I have 4 individual window sun shades. on the south side.
the scene starts at any position change, checks the weather for strong winds, if no strong winds it matches the other 3 window screens to the first one after 30 seconds.
worked like a charm

I need to translate it to my Homey

%% properties
%% weather
%% events
501 SceneActivationEvent
%% globals
if fibaro:countScenes() > 1 then fibaro:abort() end

local match = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(500, "value"))
local wind_km_h = ( tonumber(api.get('/weather')['Wind']))
local wind_m_s = math.ceil((wind_km_h / 3.6))
local sceneActivation = fibaro:getValue(500, "sceneActivation")
fibaro:debug("SceneActivation = "..sceneActivation.."")
fibaro:debug("Markis% = " ..match.. "")
if wind_m_s > 8 then
	fibaro:call(500, "setValue", "99");
	fibaro:call(497, "setValue", "99");
	fibaro:call(485, "setValue", "99");
	fibaro:call(491, "setValue", "99");
	fibaro:debug("Vind = "..wind_m_s.."m/s Det blåser för mycket")
    fibaro:call(515, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "447");
	fibaro:call(447, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "447");

if wind_m_s <= 8 then
	local match = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(500, "value"))
	fibaro:call(497, "setValue", match);
	fibaro:call(485, "setValue", match);
	fibaro:call(491, "setValue", match);

please help
kind regards

Hello Erik!

I guess you should start with some basic flow building, while this is a bit advanced to get started @ Homey
I could build the flow you’d like, but then you wouldn’t learn the flow building part :blush:

You’ll also need to install a weather app, and/or the app matching your weather station.

Knowledge base:

Adv. Flow ins / outs:

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