Local backup Homey Pro 2023 Setup error

Trying to backup Homey Pro 2023 v10.0.06 locally. I follow the instructions with pin and reboot Homey connected with usb to the computer (orange light). On my Windows 11 the Homey was not found with the suggestion to download the Windows USB driver. This option downloads a file named “Homey Pro USB Driver v1.0.0.exe”.
Double clicking to install this file results in error message “Setup error! Could not read setup package!”.
Already tested:

  • 2 different computers with several downloads
  • installing the program as administrator.
  • virus scan and firewall off

Any suggestions?

Try another USB cable perhaps, preferably USB-A to USB-C.
Some cables are not suitable….

had same problem using USB-C to USB-C…switced 2 USB-A to USB-C and Local Backup worked :slight_smile:

Yep, same here.
Using another cable might solve the problem…

I have tried 3 different cables, at least one is a proven data cable, without result.
After a computer restart with a USB-linked Homey, Windows showed a message that the Network detection option was Off. This caused that new hardware could not be detected. After turning On this option, the USB Driver could be installed. Solved, but the first error message was not clear.

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