Local backup always hangs up

My local backup always hangs up in the same place and doesn’t continue to run. My previous local backups had no problems. Current FW 10.3.1. is on it, same problem.
The backup disk is not full, in case anyone asks.
I tried several cables, several PCs and different browsers.There are no error messages from either the PC or the Homey site. Yellow light “circles”.

Anyone an idea?

The quality of the USB cable is critical. Try to borrow a real decent, well known brand cable, and I hope that makes the difference.

Check also that the USB cable is not near to a power cable. This could also cause error with cables with a lower quality.

Thanks for the suggestions. The first cable used has been working for months. But I still tried different things and also changed the PC, i.e. a different environment in terms of network radiation. If you look at the amount of data that has already been backed up, it always gets stuck at exactly the same byte number. This means that a “cable problem” can actually be ruled out.
I’ll still try out a few cables and change the PCs.
If there are any further ideas, please feel free to do so.

The problem is solved with version 10.3.1 (not final according to Athom, there will be further modifications in the next few weeks). In general, the ota-usb backup is working again for me.