Lidl motion sensor TY0202 log list without motion reports

Since 9/2/23, my Lidl motion sensor TY0202 on the Android APP suddenly shows the battery level every few minutes in the log list. These were always the motion reports.
But in the web browser, the log list does contain the motion reports.

How do I get the motion notifications in the log list again in my Homey App Early 2023 10.0.3?

Below is the log list with motion reports in the web browser and battery level on the APP.

This has happened after the latest update of the app. Other devices at your Homey have the same problem I think


It is true that more devices have the same problem.
Hopefully Athom will soon provide an update with a solution.

I think they will. And now wait. :wink:

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Or install one of the previous versions :grimacing:

No clue if there’s something similar available for Apple devices