Global battery monitoring

I have read what I can (topics in english) but I cannot determine how battery levels are monitored. I know Homey sends a message to advise a sensor battery is flat, but how can you instrument this in some way? Such as starting a flow if a sensor battery is flat without including one for every sensor.

Hi Peter. One way is to start a flow with Zone > Home > “a sensor’s value has changed” > select Sensor Type “Battery level”.

As condition you can add a logics card type “is smaller than” and select the local variable “Value” and set it to 20% f.i.
Then you can choose to send a notification, or a push message to a users’ phone f.i.

You can add the local tags (variables) “Name” and “Zone” in the message text.
This way, the message reports f.i.:
Battery of Window Luxmeter in zone Livingroom is below 20%

Example notifications:

Someone made a post about this alr a long long time ago.

Thanks all for your input. I hadn’t wanted to use the Email App as it seemed that you had to reduce the security of the email service in order to use it.

Still seems that there is no way to simply provide a battery monitoring flow with the offending sensor being provided as a parameter. I do understand that homey sends notifications.

@Rocodamelshekima Appearantly! I didn’t search for it while Peter wrote

and I trusted him on that one :grin:

Idk where ‘the email app’ came from? Wasn’t mentioned.

I don’t really get your point, but it can be me. To me this is the simplest way possible; It monitors the batteries of all of your battery powered devices and, it even tells you which batter(y)(ies) from which zone is below x % and tells you it’s / their % of juice left.

The offending batter(y)(ies) report themselves this way imho

maybe I overlooked something, but this is what I want;

I want to sent the results from the image below directly to my whatsapp weekly.

for now I have created a quite complex flow to check each battery and then create a flow per day when the level is below 5% and evey Thursday a complete overview of all of the batteries.

Thanks for helping me out

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  1. By the way, the flow you showed can be done like this

Hi Peter,

Thanks I will check and try to create it tonight. Everyday my Home(y) get a little smarter (not only the Homey) :wink:

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The first part is an importable advanced flow, and it can send an battery overview at days / times you prefer, just replace the trigger card with ‘When time is 15:00’ and condition ‘And day is Thursday’

Hi Peter,

Thanks, this works perfectly for me!

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