App for empty battery or malfunctioning devices

So i am getting a little annoyed about the battery management. The battery level seems to be useless. So battery change comes only if i notice that a sensor has not been reporting for weeks.

Would it be possible to create an app that daily checks when the sensors last reading was? And lets say that if a sensor does not report any changes for a couple of days then it sends me a notification.

There’s the “A device hasn’t reported for …” flow card.

Yes that could work, but that seems to be limited and i would need to make a flow for every device…? (i hate using tags :laughing: )

It would be much more user friendly if there was an app that does this.
Install app, choose the devices you want it to monitor, choose how many days for alert, done.

U can just build urself an app. Or just use a flow.

Perhaps just try it?

I would also suggest to just try using tags. It’s easy and it means you don’t have to make a flow for every device:

Battery level low:

Temperature devices not reporting

You can also remove the condition and receive a notification for every device that’s not working, I only needed the temperature sensors. is also very informative:

Thanks for the examples, i will try the second one.

Yeah i am also using homeydash, but the battery level is not reliable, i have devices that have been offline for weeks and no prior notice of low battery.

Question is, is that a device error or an app error?
Another possibility is to use HomeyScript, there is an example that contains the Battery status/level: