Low battery warning


I have this flow to let me know when a device battery is low and might need changing:

It produces these kinds of results:

But, when I take the batteries out, (e.g. Popp radiator valve), they still have plenty of charge and indeed when I look at the insights for this device, it looks as though it was only drained to 67% not 3%:

What’s the most reliable way to monitor battery without flows for each device?

Many devices do not report the battery level correctly. My flow looks just like yours. But I have created an additional flow that gives an additional warning when the battery level is 3 to 1%. Please also note that some devices only report their battery level to Homey once a day.

I get these messages a lot from Homey. This is not the flow i also have for the batteries.

Doesn’t make sense.

Sure, but why is the same device reporting 3% to the flow and 67% to “Insights” concurrently?

I can not answer that. Perhaps there is a difference in how often Insights and the app are updated. Personally, I can’t tell the difference between Insights and my apps. However, I don’t use Popp devices. Contact the app developer if this problem only occurs with the Popp app.

So it was the Popp App that is notifying the flow? Not the Homey System?

Hi @MarcoRuiter, The Athom support guy suggested as developer of the Popp app, perhaps you you can diagnose the big difference between what your app is reporting for the battery level and what the Homey system is reporting?

Well, the developer Popp app developer (Marco) seems to be saying that the apps’ battery reading is from the “homey core”, so it appears both the 67% and 3% readings are from somewhere in the homey code. It disappointing and slightly worrying that such discrepancy exists.

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It is frustrating that Athom itself sometimes does not know what data are coming from where and that they say: Please contact the App Developer.